Star Player and Punt - Gameweek 22 - Sleno v Marco

Last week Sleno smashed Villa Simon 28-6 in the most one sided Star Player/ Punt since I picked Soldado (twice). The self proclaimed Puntmaster Marco is up next and becomes Sleno’s first opponent as champion. Both have chosen a Star player (free choice) and Punt (under 4% ownership).

Again Marco needs no introduction……so he’s not getting one either!

Sleno’s Star Player – Harry Kane

I tried to listen to a few YouTube videos of Spurs fans singing about Harry Kane so that I could share their words of wisdom with you all.  I’m sorry to say, I couldn’t understand a word that lot of mid-table supporters were saying, nor did I conclude there were any words of wisdom being sung about.

What I can offer you is the hottest striker in the Premier League! 6 goals and 3 assists in his last 6 Premier League games.  His work rate, touches and lack of being offside and lazy (such as say Costa) helps greatly in the bonus race and this has been seen by the fact he has gained 11 bonus points over this period of time.

At a (inflated, but still very low) price of 5.8 million and with a home fixture against Sunderland, Kane feels like a must in your team this week.  I believe that this week you must ignore his small price tag as a reason not to go the whole way and CAP him. It is a week to ignore the heavy hitters such as Hazard, Costa and Carlton Cole.  This isn’t so much of a punt, but just I believe it to be a logical and smart move.  My prediction: goal, assist, 3 bonus and 2 playing points for a very healthy total of 12 points this week.

Marco’s Star Player – Raheem Sterling

Here we go then – a crack at the gamesmaster Sleno, an offer I just couldn’t turn down. I sure hope to ruffle that big curly wig of his with these couple of picks. Sleno should take a look at this star pick as he also had an unsighty hair style but has since had a trim and now looks like he could be a winner once again.

Raheem Sterling has been a bit hit and miss this season in my eyes, the opening 8 gameweeks of the season harvested Sterling 47 points, with 2 double digit returns. The following fourteen gameweeks have yielded a mere 44 points and no back to back points returns which has left many managers looking elsewhere for their points. A switch in position to the point of the attack in recent weeks has seen Sterling’s points returns increase but disregarding last week’s no show at the Stadium of Light, he has produced 18 points in the previous 3 gameweeks, so as our wildcards dawn upon us he could be someone who could feature.

This week’s opponents for Liverpool is one of the main contributing factors for why he was chosen, they are simply awful at the moment. Aston Villa haven’t won in 6 and 3 home draws and 3 away defeats on the spin puts them bottom of the Premier League form guide, and with a refreshed Sterling ready to attack that creaky Villains defence I think there will be a goal for Raheem in there somewhere.

Marco’s Punt – Andy Carroll

Here’s a player that on his day will give the best defences an afternoon to forget. He thrust back into our thinking back in Gameweek 15 with that important double against Swansea. Since then two goals in six appearances has been a steady return for the England frontman and despite a late night against Everton in the cup replay this week, he will be buoyed up and ready to face that Hull defence that have become all too charitable over recent months, keeping just two shut outs in the last 11 Gameweeks.

The Hammers home form is key here as only one defeat in six keeps up the club’s hope of a top half finish and if West Ham are to record 3 points at the weekend, you can be certain that Carroll will be involved. It will be an interesting chat room on Sunday afternoon as Sleno cheers Marco onto victory!

Sleno’s Punt – Kevin Mirallas

A punt for sure, 30/ 45/ 14 would be his previous three game minute totals in the Premier League. But make no mistake he is primed to start at home to West Brom this gameweek.  If you saw any of the West Ham V Everton FA Cup replay in the week you would have seen a man primed and ready to put his struggles behind him and kick on during the second half of the season.  Down to 10 men most teams and players would have rolled over, but Mirallas inspired his team to the brink of a cup upset against a far superior West Ham team.  Scoring a great free kick and gaining an assist on the Lukaku goal were just the highlights in a 60 minute cameo that was eye catching!

Even though his season has been stop and start he has still managed to find the net 5 times in the Premier League, but his inconsistency has seen his price drop to a very attractive 7.2, and with an ownership of 2.2% he is the perfect player who is capable of a big score against any team.  Given a run in the team I have no doubt he will be putting pressure on the template team within a few weeks.  So why wait for the price hike and miss out on the points that are forthcoming? Put me down for a goal, clean sheet point, 60 mins bonus and 1 bonus for a total of 9 points this week in an easy Everton home win.