Season Pick and Punt - Sleno

It’s time for the second instalment in our series of articles that offer up a Season Pick and Punt from each of the FPL Dugout Contributors. The Season Pick is a free choice whereas the Punt is limited to players with ownership of under 4%. Marco went first yesterday and now it’s Sleno’s turn…

Picking a 15 man squad is always a tough ask. Hours can easily be spent in front of the computer, but that isn’t normally the end of it.  I for one spent a whole bus journey the other day trying to figure out if I had enough money to upgrade one midfielder to another.

In my eyes there is a very easy approach to picking a team: you choose 3 or 4 “Star Players” who you can’t live without, and then fill in the gaps with some mid-price gems alongside one or two “Punts” and hey presto!

Hopefully I will be able to suggest both a Star and a Punt who you can find space for in your team.

There are plenty of star names in this year’s fantasy game, and they all come with a heavy price tag. Since you can’t fit them all in you have to choose and I would propose one of your stars has to be Roberto Soldado. On the other end of the scale it is likely you will need to fill that 5th midfielder slot, and there is one name crying out to fill it with. At a bargain 5.0 price it’s Robert Koren.

Season Pick – Roberto Soldado

Being able to choose only three strikers, choosing the right three will most likely make or break your season. The first criteria is that they have to be “nailed”, and having paid a club record 26 million for Soldado, nailed he will be.

The second criteria is to be on form, and he is coming off the back of his best season, where he notched up 24 goals in La Liga. At the age of 28 he might well be in the form of his life.

His achievements with Getafe and most recently Valencia have also seen him earn 11 caps for Spain, where he has shown his class in netting 6 goals. With success (4 goals in 7) in the Champions League, Soldado has proved himself at every level and will look to flourish in the Premier League.

He is described as an old school centre forward, and falls into the Alan Shearer mold. In the penalty box he has a knack of finding space. More than comfortable with either foot, he is very adept at getting off a quick shot, proved by the 100 shots he managed last season.

Priced at 9.5, he is cheaper than Van Persie, Aguero and Suarez and offers guaranteed game time, playing in a free-flowing Spurs team that produced the high-scoring Bale last year.

With penalties expected to be added to his duties, the prospects look good for Soldado’s first season in England, and why miss out on the early points? Add him to your team before it’s too late! You have been warned!

Season Punt – Robert Koren

I would predict that not many of you had heard of Koren before this season. I was not in that boat. I have had a long history with Koren.

I can put this down to a strong, former let me add, addiction to Football Manager (FM). I was one of those guys who started at the bottom and worked his way up, and whenever I could, I would sign Koren.

The first duty was installing him as club captain, and it was no surprise to hear he is club captain at Hull.

If his influence stat in FM is anything to go by then he is a real leader. Another stat that couldn’t be missed was his penalty and set-piece taking stats; they put other players to shame to say the least.

With penalties and a good chunk of corners and free-kicks to boot, there is a good start to the point haul.

Now thankfully he doesn’t sit deep in an outdated 4-5-1 but can normally be found in the “hole”… you know the location of that long haired Michu.

Now maybe Koren won’t live up to the Michu of last season, but don’t bet against him coming pretty close.

If I was to liken him to any other player then it would have to be Charlie Adam, and not the one at Stoke, the one who used to play for Blackpool (I am convinced they are different players).

Last season was a good haul for Koren with 9 goals and 5 assists, and I believe that he will come close to matching that mark again this season.

So if you’re looking for a 5th midfielder who will only set you back 5.0, then I suggest you look no further than Koren.

With just 1.0% ownership I suggest you sign him now before his price sky rockets and you miss his early season points!