Recommended Player for Gameweek 28 - Luis Suarez

With Gameweek 28 being a “Double Gameweek” (DGW), I have decided to endorse a player influenced by this FPL anomaly. My recommended player for Gameweek 28 is Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.

There is no question about his controversial nature. To be honest with you I dislike and condemn him for a number of reasons, ranging from his deliberate hand ball versus Ghana during the 2010 World Cup (which ultimately led to their exit), as well as his disgraceful abuse of Patrice Evra (that led to Suarez’s 8 match ban).

But in spite of that, I must remain unbiased. He remains the most feasible Everton or Liverpool player to have in your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team for this DGW.

Firstly, even though he was prohibited from playing in the Premier League from mid-December to the end of January, he remains Liverpool’s top league goal scorer with 6 goals (jointly with Bellamy).

He is a natural goal poacher with 26 goals in 52 for Uruguay’s national team, as well as 81 league goals from 110 matches for Ajax.

Even though Liverpool lost to Arsenal last week, I believe that Liverpool’s League Cup win has instilled a feel good factor within the team.

Crucially, Liverpool’s DGW fixtures are against teams that concede on average at least a goal a game as follows:

Sunderland (A) – Conceded 13 goals in 13 home matches this season (1.00). Conceded 18 goals in 14 away matches this season (1.28).

Everton (H) – Conceded 15 goals in 13 away matches this season (1.15). Conceded 13 goals in 13 home matches this season (1.00).

Of course it must be noted that Liverpool have had an abysmal record of infrequently scoring more than 2 goals per game this season.

But I ask you, if they are going to score during the DGW surely it will be from the boot/head/heel/hand of their joint top scorer and goal poacher?

Don’t base your reasons for not picking him on Liverpool’s previous three league results, after all they were against top 4 opposition (Tottenham, Man United and Arsenal respectively ).

If it makes any difference, their remaining matches appear to be a lot easier, winnable or scoreable, as follows:

GW 29 – QPR (A) – Winnable
GW 30 – Wigan (H) – Winnable
GW 31 – Newcastle (A) – Scoreable
GW 32 – Aston Villa (H) – Winnable
GW 33 – Blackburn (A) – Winnable
GW 34 – Fulham (H) – Winnable
GW 35 – West Brom (H) – Winnable
GW 36 – Norwich (A) – Scoreable
GW 37 – Chelsea (H) – Scoreable
GW 38 – Swansea (A) – Scoreable

At 9.3 Suarez isn’t cheap, but far cheaper than RVP, Aguero and Rooney. With Suarez you have the peace of mind that as one of Liverpool’s few first-team strikers, he is less prone to being squad rotated than Liverpool’s bloated midfield.

Liverpool may have sewed up a Europa League spot for next season with their League Cup win and are 10 points adrift of a Champions League spot, but surely they won’t “Kop Out” from playing some decent football?

Ultimately, on paper at least, Suarez is a good pick for the remainder of the season, not just for DGW.

It begs the question, will Liverpool score or win more regularly with Suarez and their remaining Premier League fixtures?

The above article was originally posted on FPL Hints