Punting your way to glory

A new season always brings a fresh start, and here on FPL Dugout we have given our website a revamp, but that is not the only thing to see an update this season! FPL Dugout’s approach to “punting” has also been re-thought and will have a new look this year.

Punting and star player recommendations will be combined into a one weekly article. Each week two of the FPL Dugout Contributors will go head to head trying to score the most points in a classic “winner stays on” format.

How this will work is very simple. Each contributor will provide two players. One player will be a “Punt” and the other a “Star player”.

The punt will be limited to a player with ownership of fewer than 4.0%, whereas the Star player will be a free choice.

Both Punt and Star player will be restricted by not being allowed to be repeated within a span of time as to eliminate repetition.

The new look will see 1 article per Gameweek: Thursday for weekend games and Monday’s for midweek games.

If you’re worried about this article being one that just “goes through the motions” then fear not, because each of our 6 Contributors will be fighting for the title of “King Punter” and each week will be trying to outscore their opponent.

To kick off this new feature each of the six Contributors will introduce themselves to you with a kick off article coming early August with their Punt and Star player prediction for the 2013/14 season.

This will then be followed up with our first weekly match-up between Aaron and Sleno coming at you on Thursday August 15th with Marco awaiting the winner in a Gameweek 2 match-up.