Punt of the Week – Gameweek 32 - Kevin Mirallas

What a roller coaster of a week we look back on. RVP is our example. An assist in the first half settled the nerves, but then that last minute miss, oh the pain, but 3 bonus and things end well.

What if you started the week with Cazorla or Carroll or maybe ended it with Berbatov, you’re smiling no doubt.

The dream however would be having all 3, now Cazorla and Berbatov maybe, but Carroll as well? I very much doubt it, because he is a punt, and punts aren’t found in many people’s teams.

So with just a few weeks left in your season maybe you’re fighting for glory, or just trying to not come outside the top million.

Whatever your situation to finish strong, the deciding factor will be your differentials. Bale scores 8 goals and it matters not because anyone who is anyone has him. But if Michael Owen scores a brace and you own him then glory might just be found.

Ok so Owen is a little far fetched even for me, but this week’s punt is not…

There was a tossup last weekend as to who would be the punt. For big Andy it was his blank this week that swung him the vote. My “reserve” choice however wouldn’t have let me down, and even with a fixture daunting to many managers this week, there is no way he can’t be this week’s punt…

I give you the match winner, Mr Kevin Mirallas!

As he scored his goal on Saturday I thought the game was up, I thought his standing as a punt was gone, however monitoring his sales over the past few days I’ve been staggered to see the lack of investment which leaves him well and truly at a punt with just 0.3% ownership.

The Potential

Ok, he is away to Spurs this week. But last time I checked Spurs’s game plan was just to have Bale score one more than the other team, and not win the Arsenal 1-0 way. I fancy Everton to be right up for this game.

His game time hasn’t been all that secure, but as I will explain later, I feel game time is no longer a real concern.

The absences of Fellaini and Pienaar might have been the blessing in disguise that Everton needed as their season was on the ropes.

They were looking like slipping away into middle table mediocrity, but up steps a player with passion, desire and a huge bucket of skill to boot. It was a chance for someone else to shine and Mirallas did just that.

With 2 goals in his last 3 games he has finally nailed down a spot and Everton are reaping the reward.

The away game at Spurs will give him a chance to stretch his legs against a defence that has been found out on many a time this season.

What follows couldn’t be much better and I feel that Mirallas will be one you might just end up keeping until the season is done.

With a double in Gameweek 33 against QPR and Arsenal, there is huge potential for points. A trip to Sunderland won’t worry many a manager, nor will a home game with Fulham. So don’t worry about him being a one week wonder!

The Risk

Suspensions arguably rob Everton of their best two attacking players in Pienaar and Fellaini yet again this week. Which of course means Mirallas has in theory a weaker team around him, but as he showed against Stoke, with his match winning performance, their absence might just have been what he needed.

So why not reach your goals, taste glory and sign Kevin Mirallas!