Punt of the Week - Gameweek 31 - Andy Carroll

Time to get stewing on your bowl of shredded wheat. Time to start thinking, he can’t be for real can he?

Oh don’t you worry, I’m not playing around with this punt, it’s a beauty.

Fixtures are on his side: a nice home game and a blank – what could be juicier. So read on to find out all about him!

Now costing a mere 8.2, you can’t deny his value and 0.4% ownership will have you laughing when he rakes in the points for you.

Now we’re all looking for that on form striker and with others not doing it for you, then I ask you to look no further than Mr. Andy Carroll.

The Risk

Now let’s get that negativity out of the way straight off the bat. I know he has a blank just next week in Gameweek 32 as he can’t play against his parent club due to his loan agreement, but if you look a little deeper this may not be so much for a blank but a relief to a headache.

When you look at the fixtures however you see that Liverpool, Chelsea, Stoke, Newcastle, Fulham, Reading, Norwich and QPR have peaches of home games, and you can never ignore players from Man Utd, Arsenal or say Michu, so there really aren’t any bad games and you will struggle to find a player to bench. So make it easy on yourself and take the headache out of the question.

Now the form is another you might want to worry about, but 2 in 6 isn’t the end of the world.

He plays for West Ham. Okay, we all know that West Ham aren’t the best team in the world, but he is their focal point. Make note. It is a punt remember!

The Potential

Did you see the Chelsea game? Yes okay, West Ham got beat, and pretty easy, but if you actually watched the game you would have been hard pushed to not see how much Carroll dominated in the air, on the ground and whenever he had the ball. Now there wasn’t much support for him (away to Chelsea and all) but things will change in the weeks to come.

The fixtures are just amazing for West ham and their main man Mr Carroll.

Gameweek 31 – A home match against West Brom, who are well known for being a home team and often struggle on the road.

Gameweek 33 – Away to Southampton and home to Man Utd. Southampton may well still be scrapping for their lives, but they can’t defend, it’s that simple, and Carroll will eat their defenders for breakfast. A home game against Man Utd may seem daunting, but it’s a Brucey bonus being in a double week. Also on numerous occasions Man Utd haven’t been watertight and Carroll is a handful for anyone.

Gameweek 34 – Home to Wigan. We all know about Wigan, they are awful.

Kevin Nolan is a huge positive to Carroll, and the same is true of the reverse. The return to the team sheet of Nolan this week will send confidence though Carroll’s veins and you should expect them to hit things off from the off.

It may be a bit of a stretch to think back to the season that Newcastle came up and this deadly duo couldn’t stop scoring, but think upon it if you will, because lighting is about to strike again, just this time in East London and not the North East.

So why not take a punt this week and sign Carroll!

And if you don’t think it’s the right time to invest in West Ham right now, why not plan for the future … I sure am.