Is it time to Bale on Van Persie?

Robin van Persie and Gareth Bale shook the Fantasy Richter scale in 2012/13 to levels only reached by Ronaldo in recent years. But with Fantasy Premier League (FPL) 2013/14 price rises on the way, how do we fit both players into our teams, and should we prioritise one over another?

Bale finished last season at 11.1, with Van Persie at 13.7. Van Persie’s starting price should remain around 13.0, but Bale’s price is set for a hefty hike from his initial 9.5 valuation last season. Anywhere between 11.0 and 12.0 seems likely.

Spurs have one of the kindest opening schedules around. Their first five games include trips to promoted Crystal Palace and Cardiff, and home clashes against Swansea and Norwich.

Man United’s first five games aren’t so appealing, with Chelsea visiting Old Trafford, and road trips to Swansea, Liverpool and Man City.

Fixtures are of little relevance for Van Persie, but it seems unthinkable that I would go into this season without Bale in my midfield.

It begs the question: can we find room for Van Persie from the start too?

Our budget of 100m can only go so far, and with Man City and Chelsea opening against weak opponents, our focus should look beyond Van Persie.

Sergio Aguero will be a top target. Man City host Newcastle and Hull and travel to Cardiff in their first three, so saving budget for a Man City attacker seems wise.

Chelsea could well start with a double Gameweek again, as their postponed clash against Aston Villa is likely to be moved to Gameweek 1, to allow for their European Super Cup duties in Gameweek 3.

A potential double Gameweek at home to Hull and Aston Villa would see Eden Hazard and Juan Mata top many watchlists.

Another factor is the captaincy. With Chelsea players possibly locking out the Gameweek 1 captaincy, and Van Persie facing Chelsea and Liverpool after that, it’s questionable whether we’d captain Van Persie until the home clash with Crystal Palace in Gameweek 4.

So is Van Persie worth pencilling in straight away with so many heavy hitting alternatives elsewhere?

Some of us will acquire Van Persie and Bale from the off, but it’ll require economising large areas of our teams, something I’m reluctant to do.

There’s plenty to ponder then, unless Bale moves abroad, of course. But let’s hope he stays in England, as the Premier League needs talents like Gareth Bale, and so do Fantasy managers!