Site updates - new quick links and FPL Dugout Champions League mutterings

Hi everyone, a quick update from me.

You’ll now find two new ‘Quick Links’ towards the top of your right side bar. This gives you instant and easier access to the FPL Dugout Champions League Tables and Fixtures and MSA Prediction Game League Table from wherever you are on the site.

Sleno’s wonderful work on these two innovative games has meant that FPL Dugout has evolved quite a bit this season, so I have introduced these links as permanent navigation.

Huge thank you to Sleno for running these games – it’s much appreciated by me and all involved!

So, the FPL Dugout Champions League opening weekend is drawing in.

Confidence is low in the ranks of my squad after a couple of crushing Gameweeks. My head to head record is poor, but Lundi is in my sights, and I hope the luck is on my side this weekend.

There are a lot of dark horses ready to get on their dark saddle and canter to the Promise Land.

I say beware the Tom’s! Tom Howells (Group F) and Tom B (Group H) should be monitored closely. Experienced Howells is decent, with a good head to head record, while Tom B is a shrewd chap who may be struggling this season but deserves much better.

My favourite for the competition is Sleno. He is a head to head expert who will leave no stone unturned in his quest for ultimate glory. Sleno, you have a lot to live up to here.

I know some of you were wondering about a prize for the FPL Dugout Champions League (*cough* Geordie Ash *cough*).

Well, there will be a prize. Think socks for Christmas – not a Playstation 3 – but details to come soon!

I’m sorry I haven’t written many help articles over recent months. I will try to get some up soon, but then you might want to take them with a pinch of salt as I’m languishing in 72nd place (in the FPL Dugout League), and am experiencing my worst ever fantasy season!