Problems logging into Fantasy Premier League 2011/12

I’ve seen lots of comments around the FPL community tonight of people being unable to log in to the game, and experienced this first hand last night when my sister couldn’t log in.

The FPL servers are being hit hard and the amount of people logging in at once has been mooted as the cause of the problem. It’s been taking people up to 40 minutes to log in.

There’s 2 suggestions which have helped people:

1) Clear your browser cookies, restart your browser, and try logging in again.

2) Try clicking on the ‘My Team’ link even if it says failed log in. People have been logged in when it says they haven’t been able to get in.

I guess we just need to be patient. If you can wait an hour or so, then do. It should be running like clockwork later tonight.

Hope this helps. And I wouldn’t log out once you’re in.