Imminent Fantasy Premier League 2011/12 boasts significant improvements

Fantasy Football Scout have this afternoon revealed that Fantasy Premier League is to launch any day now with significant improvements and remains free to play.

Here’s the key details from today’s statement:

“The Premier League have confirmed to us this afternoon that their Fantasy game is in the final stages of testing for the new season but will not be going live today.

The game and site have been enhanced and, while things are almost complete, there are still some minor browser issues that need to be ironed out before the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) site can launch.

We can take this opportunity to dispel a number of rumours that have cropped up in recent days and confirm that all is well with the FPL and that the game will be free to play. There are also a number of significant improvements that we feel will be greeted with a very positive response from players…”

Intriguing and exciting stuff! I think it’s likely we’ll see a change to the emergency captain rule, which has been so controversial since it was introduced two seasons ago.

I think we’ll get the option to specify a vice captain, instead of only being able to default it to the highest value or form player, which creates a bigger scope for a casual player to leave their team for weeks with an injured or suspended captain and reap rewards when form or value takes over.

Specifying a vice captain does not eradicate this but does add a bit more skill to the decision.

There’s been talk of the second wildcard being scrapped. I’m a fan of it but know a lot of people are not. What do you think?

It would be nice if they could implement a way of dealing with the winter postponements.

Scoring 6 points last season in gameweek 18 still hurts but I’m not expecting anything to change here.

So the wait is nearly over. I will post another article once the game is launched with my thoughts on the changes, player prices, and of course the code to join our league!

Hopefully tomorrow!