Happy New Year from FPL Dugout

I would like to wish every single one of you a very Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you, your families and your friends good health, peace and happiness.

There’s many of us out there who had a terrible Gameweek this weekend, but it’s a good time to remember it’s just a game, and we all have a lot to be thankful for!

There’s also a huge sporting year ahead, with Euro 2012 and the Olympics in London. Bring on the summer!

FPL Dugout was launched in June 2010, and it’s come a long way. I’m proud to have brought together such a great community from around the world. From Australia, to India, to Iran, to Saudi Arabia, to America, and back to the UK – I’ve really enjoyed chatting and getting to know you.

It’s amazing you’ve all come back after listening to my endless moans about my misfortune. Actually, today, I can’t believe Rooney didn’t… sorry, I nearly started again there.

Thank you very much everyone, particularly Sleno, for creating and running the MSA Prediction Game… Shiva, Mesh and Dudu for being such active contributors… and let’s not forget Scotty B, who just makes me chuckle with his contributions on the chat.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney may have spoiled my FPL Christmas but fingers crossed for a lightening start to 2012, with huge points hauls for Jagielka, Drenthe and Sessegnon today!

There’s always hope eh! We’re exactly at the half way stage so expect endless more twists and turns!