Fantasy Premier League 2011/12 launch date update

Today was anticipated as the big launch day for Fantasy Premier League.

While it could still happen today, I have news from Mark, who runs Fantasy Football Scout, that suggests we may have to wait a little big longer.

“We’re in a difficult spot – we’re waiting on the green light – until we get that, we can’t say anything on the launch date or the details around it. It will be clear on just why we’re being strict on the information very soon.”

An intriguing statement. Perhaps this delay means we can expect some wholesale changes to the game this season.

When confirmation of launch does arrive, I will post it up as soon as I can.

In the meantime, do cast your vote (if you haven’t already) on which big striker will be first on your teamsheet this season.

Robin van Persie is currently in the lead, despite Arsenal’s tricky opening 3 games (new, LIV, mun). But I guess his form last season was pretty amazing!