Chat Box Improvements

Great news everyone – the chat has been upgraded and includes some great improvements!

The chat has been re-written so it’s much faster and efficient, while you can now expand the chat over the latest tweets using the toggle icon, view as many old messages as you wish with infinite scrolling (Twitter style), see the number of people chatting, and URLs are now converted to hyperlinks. Just a few of many other improvements!

This is all down to Ben Sampson, who created the chat box and has dedicated his time to making it even better.

So thank you very much Ben – times about a million! Incredible effort, and hugely appreciated by all of us. Also thanks to Tom Howells, who designed an initial wireframe of the improvements. Cheers Tom!

Oh – and we have smilies in the chat now. View the list of all smilies you can use. 🙂 😀 😆 😳

Enjoy chatting!