Announcement - FPL Dugout League scoring to stay from Gameweek 1

I would just like to confirm that the FPL Dugout League scoring is to stay unchanged – so scoring is kept from Gameweek 1.

FPL kindly (hmm, cleverly) gave league administrators the option to reset league scoring totals to start from Gameweek 2 (after many people could not log in before Saturday’s deadline), but my personal preference is to keep things unchanged, and that’s been backed up by carefully observing the comments on this site.

Thank you very much to those who have contributed, especially Kris K, who has gathered opinion over the last 24 hours.

This is what the site is here for and it’s great how many of you are getting involved. We have a great atmosphere here.

It’s a tricky situation. While this isn’t ideal for those who had a poor week because they couldn’t log on to make last minute changes, it’s also unfair on those who set up their teams in good time and scored very well.

It’s fact that these people have good scores – our league leader is on 80 – whereas we’ll never know how much better those people who couldn’t log in would have done.

I wanted to get this resolved quickly so we can draw a line under it. Move on. What’s happened has happened. Can’t change it now. Let’s spend our energy on the future!

I’m personally drained by the start to this FPL season. I don’t feel anger towards the FPL, this really isn’t worth such an emotion, but I’m just baffled how they could release a site in this state, especially as I work in the web industry.

It’s a real shame we keep having to put up articles and read comments on a broken or delayed system, instead of focussing on our teams and what happened in the previous gameweek.

I would also just like to say something on player prices. I cannot say with 100% certainty, but prices do seem to still be frozen, which makes sense as unlimited free transfers continue.

The likes of Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero and Gary Cahill were well beyond the 100% threshold to rise last night, but no prices have changed at all.

I’ve also seen comments from people who’ve been deducted transfer points since the FPL announcement, or have played their wildcard and not had it refunded.

Fear not, points and wildcards will be refunded tonight (Tuesday)!

Don’t forget you can still join the FPL Dugout League, for free, if you’ve yet to join. The league code is 1014-800.

The Gameweek 2 captain poll will be up in the morning. Until then, happy tinkering!