Wow it's February!

Hang on just one minute … Where did January go?

I mean wasn’t there meant to be a deadline day that was going to rock our worlds? I mean if you think the day lived up to its billing then this might make you think again. This is the list of new players added due to deadline day. That’s right, 6.5 million Liverpool midfielder, Coutinho, who by no means is going to walk into a start, is the highest valued player new into fantasy.

What does this mean for you I hear you ask? Well February in my mind is moving month. Into the new year some lose their passion and some chase too far to close a gap. Now if you’re interested to improve your fortunes best to read on…

Now if it’s MSA Prediction Game you’re chasing in, then take some gambles. Only use your x3 chip, ignore that x2 chip. Use the “view man” on the game you’re going to use your chip on and study hard! Take your time and nail that prediction! There are no prizes for 2nd people, so predict hard and predict well.

Standings: Villa Simon 1420, Cooky 1295, Tom 1065, Sleno 1060, Fadhitia 1045, MB 1035, Marco 1035, Aaron 1020, Craig 1020, others less than 1000.

Now if it’s the FPL Dugout Champions League you’re chasing then you had a bad first week. This is all about just being better than your opponent. Try and calculate if you think you are ahead or behind as your team stands. If you’re ahead then match your opponent and his strengths wherever you can, be in subs or captain choices.

Now if you’re behind, just do the opposite. If you’re going to lose, at least lose going down fighting, sign that player who has a great fixture but isn’t on form, and maybe captain that guy you always want to but are never bold enough to. Be bold.

View the FPL Dugout Champions League Tables and Fixtures

Now maybe you’re just trying to improve your overall standing and FPL Dugout League position. As I told those who felt like they were behind in the FPL Dugout Champions League, be bold. Now Van Persie in my eyes is almost a must have. He scores like no one else in the game. But in the past 16 weeks he has only gone double figures twice. So yes he might be almost certain for 5 or 6 week in week out. But why not gamble on a fixture or two? I mean Fellaini this week was at home to possibly the worst form team in the league. 15 points later and those who were bold are feeling pretty clever.

Just as with captains why not buy that player who you know has it in him, and with fixtures on his side you can sense an upturn? Let me give you one example. Robert Snodgrass (6.7% ownership, 101 points). Now in his past seven weeks he hasn’t scored more than 5 points in a single Gameweek. But if anyone saw the Spurs game (you know the one where he didn’t score nor assist and scored all 3 bonus) you know it’s coming. He was unlucky against QPR not to score and looked right on the money once again. Now in the next three Norwich welcome Fulham, Everton and Southampton to Carrow Road.

My last piece of advice is plan ahead. Yes plans change, but it’s a good idea to have a plan. Like this week we all know it’s a double for Liverpool and Swansea. But do we all pay attention to the fact they have a blank the week after? Also try and spot runs of fixtures. Like have you noticed that Man City play Aston Villa, Wigan, Everton and Newcastle in Gameweeks 28-31? Have you also noticed that those 3 Liverpool players you just purchased have 3 away games in those Gameweeks?  Would you bet against Aguero running wild? Why not plan ahead, and maybe Sergio will bring you a title, just like he did for Man City last year.