What to do in the FPL off season

Think back to 2011, not much happened in the summer right? Well now firmly focus on the present day 2012.  The English Premier League (EPL) is still a way away for sure, EPL won’t kick off until Saturday 18th August, but think of what has already happened and what is still to come!

We have fixtures, that is right the Premier League fixtures are already upon us! And with them a Double gameweek! (DGW) That is right if you’re not up to speed Chelsea are playing in some fancy cup some time so they decided to play two games in Gameweek 1 (GW1) to give us all a real early headache!

I mean you have to captain Torres right? But then he will have a blank in GW3, and well he is pretty hard to predict! He could well score you a couple of goals, but just as likely a couple of points!

Then there is Hazard! We all love new players right? Erm,well sometimes yes, but sometimes they flop! Sometimes they flip flop, I mean take Cisse for example (QPR version), he scored in every game … Ok not every game, the games he didn’t score he got sent off in! So what to do with the fixtures! Have a good study I say, but dont get too Blue eyed!

Then we have had the Euro’s! What a nice distraction it has been! I mean games most days! Thank you very much Euro 2012!  I mean no England win, but none the less its been a good showing for sure!

This isn’t the only big sporting event of the summer though! We have Nadal already out of Wimbledon and it’s only the first week!  I mean surely Murray will find someone else to lose to, but a nice change it’s not going to be Nadal!

Then there is the Olympics, which will be on at 3am of course because they’re being held in Aussie land. Oh no! For the English readers here I’m sure you don’t need reminding, but it’s not Aussie 2012, it’s London 2012! That is right, on the doorstep as they say!

Then there is the big one … FPL release!  That is right we don’t know the date for the release of the new FPL season yet but we know it’s coming in July!  And what comes before that transfer rumours!

I know maybe better than most about rumours, and why is that? Well I’m a West Ham fan of course! We have already been linked with about 6 million players! I’m just waiting for the Messi rumour and I think I will have seen it all!

There of course have been some big signings already! Are Arsenal buying forwards to play with Robin Van Persie (RVP) or are they buying them to replace him?  Will Liverpool under a new manager be any different from last year? Will Any Carroll finally fire?  Will this new Manchester United (Man U) player Kagawa be the real deal?

Well those questions will be answered in due time, today maybe is the day to just sit back, read some stupidly stupid transfer rumors and dare to dream about the Premier League and Fantasy seasons!