Tom Dallow's consistency wins September Manager of the Month

Tom is our top scoring manager for September. Gameweeks 4, 5 and 6 brought home 215 points.

Tom, better known as Mr Potato Head, is a calm chap, who snarls at bandwagons, and spits at tinkerers. Patience is key. Good things come to those who wait.

Mr Dallow has only made one transfer since Gameweek 2 (Tim Krul for Hilario), and proves consistent selection can reap rewards.

Tom’s September got off to an epic start after a mammoth 93 points in Gameweek 4.┬áHat-tricks for Rooney (captain) and Aguero set a perfect platform for the month ahead.

Gameweeks 5 and 6 returned 58 and 64 points, putting Tom’s side within the top 250,000 managers in those weeks.

The likes of Silva, Nani, Suarez, Aguero and Rooney have constantly produced for Tom’s side, while Scott Sinclair has recently come good with a few penalties.

Good stuff then Mr Potato Head! You are our second Manager of the Month.