There's no I in team-name

It’s that time of the year again when eventually Fantasy Premier League (FPL) gets launched and we explode with excitement, picking our teams new strip for the season, deciding on players, will it be Hazard, Kagawa, Sigurdsson? Or Silva, Dempsey and Bale?

But most of you will have the most trouble picking up to 14 characters for your team name.

I have compiled a list of the most common humourous team names that FPL has thrown up over the last few years. To be fair there are a lot of names on there we have seen before and lots pointing to the big Spanish clubs for inspiration.

I’ve used a few of these over the years so here’s a few ideas for you to pick your favourites!

AC a little silhouette of Milan
Ain’t got a Kalou
Albion Hungovers
Athletico Madras
Bath a Loner
Bayer Leverarchfile
Bayer Neverlusen
Bayern Bru
Big Bertha Berlin
Borussia Hair/Teeth
Borussia Moenchendragbach
Breast Homage Albion
Brown Star Belgrade
Crouch Potato FC
Crystal Phallus
Debbie Does Gallas
Deportivo Lack a Talent
Dynamo Fuchtherest
Dyslexia Untied
Eintract Mind
Fake Madrid
FC Copenbadly
FC Twente Bensons
Fred West Ham
Grass Smokers Zurich
Gwladys Street Preachers
Hajduk Spliff
Hardly Athletic
HGV Eindhoven
Inter Minan
Inter Row Z
Kings of Leon Osman
LSD Eindhoven
Multiple Scorgasms
Norfolk Enchance
Nottingyourmums Forest
Obi One Kenobi Nil
Olympique Mayonnais
Outer Milan
PMT Eindhoven
Queens Park Caners
Rapid Viagra
Real Ale Madrid
Real Betis Hotpot
Real Madras
Real Sosobad
Red Stripe Belgrade
S Club 11
Scouting for Goals
Shackthar Senseless
Sheffield Thursday
Sons of Pitches
Sparka Fag
Sporting Abeergut
Sporting Lesbian
Sporting Sideburns
Steaua Needarest
Substandard Liege
Surreal Madrid
Torpedo Belgrano
Unathletic Madrid
Unreal Madrid
Veni Vidic Vici
Werder Beermen
Wii Not Fit
Your Mums Athletic

Hope this has given you some inspiration for the coming season and the panic will be over for whenever we finally get the nod that the game is open for another season!

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.