Tevez officially apologises... and what that means for Fantasy Premier League managers

Goals from Mario (Gomez that is!) and Ribery and Bayern were heading towards an emphatic win against Manchester City.

With just 30 minutes left on the clock Roberto Mancini was desperate to turn things around, so he called on Tevez to get City back in it… except that’s not what happened!

Instead Mancini claimed that Tevez refused to come on as substitute. Tevez on the other hand denied this and claimed it to be a “misunderstanding.”

Mancini was having none of it and said that Tevez was “finished” at City and that if he had his way Tevez “would be out of the club.”

Fast forward 5 months and my, have things changed! After failing to secure a move away from Manchester in the winter transfer window and with Mancini defiant as ever, Tevez was left stranded.

Then a breakthrough! He returned to Manchester earlier this month but only further jeopardised his chances of playing again at the Etihad by saying in an interview that Mancini treated him like a “dog”. Really Tevez? A dog? Well there goes that age old theory of dogs being loyal out the window!

Then followed the most shocking turn of events! On the 21st of February Tevez issued an apology via Manchester City’s official website.

Tevez said:

“I wish to apologise sincerely and unreservedly to everybody I have let down and to whom my actions over the last few months have caused offence. My wish is to concentrate on playing football for Manchester City Football Club.”

Tevez being sincere? That can only mean two things. Either City have some seriously good dirt on Tevez or he’s genuinely being sincere. You know I’d probably take my chances on option one!

Sarcasm aside, Mancini then accepted Tevez’ apology and claimed he needed “two or three weeks” to find form again and return to the first team. With Manchester United knocking on the door is Mancini simply bowing to pressure?

Many key figures in Manchester City such as Mancini, Aguero, Yaya Toure, Richards, Silva and Lescott have all welcomed back Tevez with open arms. They all seem confident that Tevez will play a key part in their bid for the League. Will Tevez deliver? Only time will tell.

What it might mean for fantasy managers

The following forwards are eligible to play in the Europa league for Manchester City: Dzeko, Aguero, Balotelli, and Bradley Robinson.

Which means Tevez will only feature in the Premier league and faces competition from the likes of Dzeko, Aguero and Balotelli. What does that mean? Well to me it spells rotation nightmare.

This weekend Manchester City brushed aside Blackburn Rovers with a comprehensive 3-0 win.

The goal scorers were Balotelli, Aguero and Dzeko! So with all 3 players in good form it will be hard to guess who misses out when Tevez gets back to full fitness.

Mancini did say Tevez was a few weeks off fitness so he could very well return when City take on Bolton – that being somewhat unlikely though.

In a bid to get him back to full match fitness, Tevez completed a 45 minute stint in a reserve match against Preston North End yesterday. Tevez did come out goalless in the 3-1 loss but was denied on a few occasions by some fine saves from Preston’s keeper.

Now it appears that Dzeko is currently below Aguero and Balotelli in the pecking order when it comes to the league.

Balotelli returned from suspension following his stamp on Tottenham’s Scott Parker and was immediately thrown into the squad against Blackburn – at the expense of the Bosnian.

With Tevez returning, Dzeko might find himself playing in most of the Europa League games. Is he worried though?

Apparently not… in an interview Dzeko claimed that Tevez’ return would not give him added pressure. He said:

“My goals are talking for me, so I’m happy.”

The good news is that City’s fixtures turn a wee bit sour after Bolton, with many fantasy managers switching the likes of Aguero and Dzeko for Manchester United cover and other potential buys.

GW 28: Swansea (A)
GW 29: Chelsea (H)
GW 30: Stoke (A)
GW 31: Sunderland (H)
GW 32: Arsenal (A)

Swansea and Stoke are pretty resilient at home, Chelsea are finally finding some form following their 3-0 win over Bolton, Sunderland are in fine form despite their shocking loss to WBA and you can count on Arsenal to put up a fight!

Their fixtures do pick up somewhat after Gameweek 32 but we can use this little period to see what Mancini does and give us an idea of who is likely to miss out.

So things are well set for a waiting game, although whether fantasy managers are willing to take in a Man City striker after Gameweek 32 is another question.

Having a rotation prone forward is the last thing you’d want at such a crucial time of the season!

On the spotlight

If you put me on the spotlight and asked me which Man City forward would be the most nailed on from here until the end of the season, barring injury I think the obvious choice would be Aguero.

Having started the last 10 out of 11 games in the League, I don’t think Tevez’ emergence would change that by much… but don’t hold me to that!

Please do contribute by posting your comments as I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue!