Poll closed - Van Persie is your man

I asked you a couple of weeks ago which big striker would be first on your teamsheet.

Thank you so much for voting. We had 239 votes. Here’s the results.

Robin van Persie (70 votes)
Luis Suarez (49 votes)
Fernando Torres (30 votes)
Javier Hernandez (28 votes)
Wayne Rooney (26 votes)
Darren Bent (18 votes)
Andy Carroll (11 votes)
Carlos Tevez (4 votes)
Didier Drogba (3 votes)

So Robin van Persie wins and fantasy managers don’t seem too concerned about his tricky opening fixtures (new LIV mun).

He’s currently the 5th most selected forward in FPL, behind Suarez, Rooney and Hernandez, so our poll differs slightly here.

Tevez and Drogba at the bottom is no surprise with the uncertainty surrounding them, but it’s interesting to see Rooney and Hernandez share a fairly even proportion of the vote, while people clearly favour Suarez over Carroll at Liverpool – and a lot of these votes were before we knew Suarez was cheaper!

This is reflected in FPL. Currently 40% of managers have Suarez, whereas only 7% have Carroll.

New vote on the way very soon!