MSA Prediction Game - Week 11 update

Headlines read: Super Stiggers

Super Super Stiggers was the chant being heard post games this week! Just take a look at the shrek of the week for his stats! Apart from that the leader lost more ground on the pack! The numbers seem to have settled now who is playing MSA and it’s a great group and very competitive with teams swapping places each week … and next week might see the top 2 finally not be the top 2 any more after a long time up there! I say go the top 2! Everyone else is saying go the pack!

Shrek of the week: Ste (Stiggers)

Holy Stiggers! Wow Sir! Great job! Talk about joining the pack in style! The 15 guys that played this week are now the top 15 after Stiggers jumped from 23rd to 15th with a score of 6/4/10!!! Having only started in Gameweek 4 he started way behind but is making up ground … and quick! Which sure is scary since he is in my CL group! I sure hope his MSA form doesn’t translate to CL! But either way, very well played Sir, fab week! The joint best ever!

Donkey of the week: Mesh

Yes our Favorite Donkey has returned to the farm! Normally his score wouldn’t be so bad, but with Spurs, Man Utd, Sunderland turning in very well predicted home wins the scores were higher than normal! So Mesh with a 3/0/3 score you are our donkey … you did predict Spurs to draw with wigan … shame on you … shame on you. 🙂

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To save myself some time editing I have taken out some teams that haven’t played for a while, I would love for you to play again of course and your stats are still saved! So if you play again you will be back on the leader board in a heartbeat! I was just saving myself some time!

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