MSA Prediction Game - Weeks 17 and 18 update - Week 19 (GW 31) open!

Headlines read: Double week

So its been 2 weeks since scores have been updated and this has been time for a few movers and shakers to get their act going!!!

Villa Simon is the stand out mover who jumped from 5th to 2nd. 2 very good weeks for him in which he just missed the Shrek awards meant he overtook his rivals and cut Sleno’s lead to just 7 points!

Scotty B was the other big mover as he jumped a couple of places and is now back into the top 10. Villa Simon, Cooky, Geordie Ash and Shiva all joined Sleno over the 3 figure mark this week and as the end is in sight it is for sure not over and anyone of 5 or 6 could hunt down Sleno … any of 15 or so could make top 10 and Marco might … well who knows … but now that does remind me …

In Marco news he took the chance of the double game week to rise from 25th to 22nd in the league! Not to give anything away, but there is a whole bunch of people right ahead of him and even an average week will see him shoot into the top 20!!!

Shrek of the week: Scotty B and Sleno

Well what do you know … the two Donkeys from GW 16 decided to up their games. Scotty took GW 17 Shrek award with 4/2/6 score, which isn’t too bad remembering the loss of the Bolton/Villa game from the week.

Sleno took GW 18 with a score of 5/3/8 which just edged out Marco on the better S score decider since he had a good week scoring 6/2/8! Congrats to Scotty and Sleno for bouncing back so well and quickly. 🙂

Donkey of the week: Stiggers and Shiva

Dudu owes Stiggers a big thank you this week for sure! With his score of 2/0/2 Dudu was odds on for the donkey award until the last minute when Stiggers came in late, only did a few games, got most of them wrong and stole the award with a 1/0/1!

Shiva took GW 18 donkey award with a 3/0/3 week which normally would be good enough to avoid the award but with some so called easy games to predict average scoring was up and therefore Shiva gets lumped with his score!

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GW 19:

Aston Villa v Chelsea
Everton v West Brom
Fulham v Norwich
Man City v Sunderland
QPR v Arsenal
Wigan v Stoke
Wolves v Bolton
Newcastle v Liverpool
Tottenham v Swansea
Blackburn v Man Utd