MSA Prediction Game – Week 9 Update, Week 10 open (GW 22)

Headlines read: Good week all round!

After a few very tough weeks for predictions scores started to settle down a little this week, of course Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal let most players down, but other teams did their job and MSA sees the best set of results for a fair few weeks!

The up and coming GW 22 looks on the surface a real interesting one with a super Sunday really being super there are some tight match ups in the other games. So this looks like a week where some clever predictions would really see someone reap the rewards and climb further up the league and closer to the runaway leaders of Sleno and Cooky.

Congrats to the 19th, who made it up to 19th place. 🙂

Just to wet your appetite for super Sunday…

13:30 Man City v Tottenham
16:00 Arsenal v Man United

Shrek’s of the week: Sleno, Mesh and Mark B

Three way spilt for 6/1/7 scores, whoop whoop… meh…

Donkey of the week: Jason Oily

The strangest donkey ever maybe, but the very unknown Jason Oily came in, posted a lot of rubbish results after the games had played, however with 1 true prediction in a game not yet played he still counts as having played the gameweek, and therefore easily earns the donkey of the week award with his score of… 1/0/1.

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