MSA Prediction Game – Week 8 Update, Week 9 open (GW 21)

Look out for a big stat article coming out re MSA after Week 10!!!

Headlines read: Is the cream starting to rise to the top?

The wanna be’s are turning into true contenders right now, you may look at the league and see Cooky 52, Sleno 51 and no one in the 50, 49 nor 48 block, but then you get a fright, there is a pack, think Tour de France, here they come, 6 men… all on 47, 46 or 45 all scoring well… is it just a matter of time before Cooky and Sleno are toppled?

Shrek’s of the week: The 19th

Unknown, but a Shrek none the less, with a score of 5/3/8 it was easily enough to be named Shrek of the week, and even though no places were made up, the 19th made huge strides on those above him and is ready to overtake this week I’m sure!

Donkey of the week: Richard Gray

Mesh does the double!!! Well almost! His spot on prediction in the Spurs v Everton game saved him the double, he was odds on favourite to be our donkey again until he and 10 others for that matter got the Spurs win correct and perfect for that all important 1 extra S point! Sorry to say that meant for Richard the bad news of the title of Donkey of the week with his score 2/0/2.

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