MSA Prediction Game – Week 7 Update, Week 8 open (GW 20)

Headlines read: Sleno storms to the top

Who thought that last week was just a strange week, well I for one sure did, well turns out I was wrong, this week was another shocker for FPL points scoring and MSA predictions also.

The only real news is that Sleno has taken over the number one spot, having the same score as Cooky, so he takes the number one spot due to having a better S score.

In a quick interview with Sleno he seemed less than happy and replied “I’m gutted, I lost my head to head game, gutted.”

Shrek’s of the week: Sleno

With a score of 4/3/7 Sleno won the week, he just beat Chief, Villa Simon and Cooky to the title of Shrek of the week.

If rumours are correct he threw the trophy out of the window when Ji scored for Sunderland today.

Donkey of the week: Mesh and Stiggers

Ouch 1/0/1 score for you this week! It needs no others words… ouch.

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