MSA Prediction Game – Week 6 (Gameweek 18)

MSA Prediction Game… So easy a 7 year old could play it…

Ok take a big deep breath, it’s 3 Gameweeks, I know this seems a lot, but it’s for your benefit, because of the holiday season some of you will most likely be busy! So you can post your predictions any time, you can do them one at at time, or all at once if you like. After each week I will try and post again to remind people who still need to predict, so I know the thread will get long, but always just look at the first comment copy the fixtures from there and then post, it shouldn’t be too hard! I will update scores throughout of course, you won’t have to wait for the end of the 3 weeks to see your progress! Any questions just ask in the comment section! Here are the last 2 weeks updates…

SPOILER ALERT: this is the spoiler… after week 8 there will be a stat attack… it will show you how much of a stat geek I am 🙂 Some of you won’t care less, some will be impressed, and some will not know what to feel…

Week 4 Update:
Headlines read: TOM WHO?

That’s just, maybe it’s just because I woke up from a nap but the question on my lips, and soon to be yours is Who is this Tom B and how dare he predict so stinking well? He has blown the previous week’s high score out of the water with an 8/3/11 score and even though he has only played 2 weeks he is already making great strides up the league!

Week 5 Update: (this is pre Spurs v Chelsea to give you an extra day to predict)
Headlines read: Aaron started, well faded and still won the week!

That’s right, he shared the weekly title with some others, but the way he did it was pretty cool! Aaron managed to guess 3 out of the first 4 games spot on, after that he drew some blanks but his modest score on most weeks of 5/3/8 was enough to share the week with BJW (5/3/8) and Chief (7/1/8). On what was a very low scoring week overall these 3 guys made great strides and Chief’s 7 out of 9 m score was 2 better than anyone else in the league!!!

Cooky and Daniel remain in the top 2 spaces, but Sleno and Ed are right behind them with BJW rounding out the top 5 after his good week! The big mover was unsurprisingly Aaron who rose from 12th to 7th and is breathing down Shiva’s neck.

Post Spurs:

Headlines read: He only went and done it!!!

That’s right Aaron went and got the score spot on, to not only win the week on his own, but also be the first person to score 4 s points in one week, he even emailed me to tell me… so well done… blah blah blah… of course I’m totally joking and actually very impressed people have been close before, so I’m glad someone has raised the bar… who will be the first to make 5? That’s right half of the scores spot on? Now that would really be something! Well done Aaron and thanks again for playing! Predict away now …

Predictions table

What kind of Predictor are you? Are you like Mesh, Shiva or Aaron? Find out below…

If you score well in M Points – You are a farmer predictor, there isn’t much to it, just planting, watering, waiting then harvesting. All that counts for these points is if you correctly predicted which team would WIN or of course if you predicted DRAW.

If you score well in S Points – You are like an Architects predictor, it takes planning, thought, and sometimes alot of effort for not alot of results. In this league what counts is if you get the correct score spot on! For example West Ham beat Liverpool 3-0, only West Ham 3 Liverpool 0 would score you a point!

If you score well in A Points – You are the man that wants it all and gets it! Its simple, its your M and S scores put together – its what some people would call the big daddy league and for that very reason its named after the one and only … Aaron!

Step by Step how to play:

1. The first post is a set of this weeks fixtures… copy them!

2. Paste the set of fixtures into a new comment box.

3. Predict the results for the given games.

4. Hit Submit comment.

5. Sit back, watch the games… for everything else is done for you!

Frequently Asked questions:

1. Who can play? – Anyone can play!

2. I’m new can I join in after week 1? – You can start at any point through the season and still have a chance to win!

3. Do I have to play every week? – No you don’t! You can play “on and off” and still have a chance in some of the leagues!

4. What does it cost? – Nothing, it is completely free!

5. What Does MSA stand for? – Its Mesh, Shiva and Aaron of course!!

6. How does the scoring work? – This is as simple than the game itself… 1 M point for each correct game outcome, 1 S point for each correct spot on score, A points are the adding of M and S points. 🙂

7. What is the deadline for submissions? – Same deadline as for FPL transfers!