MSA Prediction Game - Week 6 Update, Weeks 7 and 8 open (GW 19 and 20)

So a big thanks to Aaron, I think his great week last week motivated him to help me clean up MSA a little, so this is the new format: So from now on there will just be a little headlines section, a Shrek of the week and a Donkey of the week.

Headlines read: Everyone sucks, no one takes advantage of sucking

That’s right with a strange festive season of football results the MSA scores were at an all time low! I mean our winning score would be a fairly average score on most weeks so that speaks for itself!

The biggest move of the week was Ed, who decided not to play week 6 and as a result slipped from 3rd to 10th, so that shows even though people had a bad week, the league is so close, and one good or bad week can really shake things up!

Shrek’s of the week: Bryan, Mesh, Mark B

With scores of 4/2/6 they are the joint winners of our first Shrek of the week award 🙂 Congrats guys, even though it was a bad week you did well compared to most and all rise in the league!

Donkey of the week: Jon

Ouch, sorry Jon, it’s a 2/0/2 score for you this week! Now some weeks if I know the guy a little at least I may give you a bit of stick, but if I don’t I probably won’t, because I hate it when people cry like a little girl because they sucked.

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