MSA Prediction Game - Week 15 update - Week 16 (GW 28) open!

Important Sleno news:

This is an important Sleno announcement, please read and store the info.

For Gameweeks 28, 29 and 30 Sleno will not be in Chicago, but Essex. That is right I’m going home for my mums birthday, this means I will be around, but different times, so please be patient with updates – they will come and probably quick! But who knows!

Headlines read: Bravo all round!

Well normally when I enter the scores I am used to … no no no, and I thought that was the same this week, but then all the people that predicted late … well they all came through! The best overall week for a long while and this is reflected by the high Shrek scores! A lot of the top league runners however did stumble slightly this week and maybe the pressure at the top is getting too much for some!

In Marco news he got himself a friend this week! SpursJames is going to race with him! This week Marco rose to 26th. 🙂

Shrek of the week: Shiva and Dudu!

Well I know some of the top guys had an “average” week – well Shiva sure didn’t! But it wasn’t just him having a stonking week! Dudu also had a great week, with scores of 7/2/9 they both rocked up the league and can be very proud of their efforts this week! Keep up the good work guys! Seems like being a Man Utd fan really helped this week and their bold Utd predictions help each of them on their way to their great scores!

Donkey of the week: Geordie Ash

Ash decided this week to say that he had never been the Donkey or Shrek, and well the law of averages of course kicked in nice and good and planted a big fat Donkey award on his shelf! Enjoy it, you deserve it. 🙂

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Bolton V QPR
Aston Villa V Fulham
Chelsea V Stoke
Sunderland V Liverpool
Wolves V Blackburn
Everton V Tottenham
Man Utd V West Brom
Swansea V Man City
Norwich V Wigan
Arsenal V Newcastle
Liverpool V Everton