MSA Prediction Game - Week 14 update - Week 15 (GW 27) open!

Headlines read: Dugout rent a farm to house all the donkeys!

The headline says it all, there was a real fight for the Donkey of the Week award! And well no one came out on top and it was shared all around! Sleno gave himself a little breathing space at the top, but the way things go in this game I’m sure that will be cut next week!

In Marco news he jumped from 29th to 27th this week. 🙂

Shrek of the week: Sleno

With a score of 5/3/8 Sleno extends his lead at the top, I had a chat with him over the weekend and he was still gutted, he couldn’t decide between 3-0 or 4-0 to City, and chose the wrong one!  I’m sure the Shrek award will soften the blow for him, but knowing him pretty well he will most likely remember the City score more than anything!

Donkey of the week: Aaron, Mesh, Mark B, Stiggers and BJW

We are going to have to buy a bigger stable if this keeps up! Not sure what a lot of donkeys is called? Let’s call it a herd! This week we have a Herd of Donkeys! With scores of 3/0/3 they all get a little donkey action, even poor BJW who only predicted for 4 games! So well done to him I guess … shame on the rest of you lot!

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