MSA Prediction Game – Week 13 update - Week 14 (GW 26) open!

Headlines read: Marco on the long road, while Scotty loses his place in the elite group

That’s right Marco made his first predictions this week, and a very big welcome to the game, now I hope you didn’t think it would be easy! You start right at the bottom, which happens to be 29th place! I challenge you Sir to play every week and see how many people you can overtake, I mean we still have about 1/2 the season to go!

In other news Scotty departed from the 100%’er this week, which was a shame to lose one, hope that it was a one week deal and he will be back predicting again this week!

Shrek of the week: Tom B

Tom B came back this week with a bang and claimed the Shrek of the week award! Congrats Sir and I hope this inspires you to carry on! Tom’s score of 5/3/8 just beat off the challenges of Sleno and Lam Kinh and if Tom continues to predict once again he will see some instant place rises with predictions like this weeks!

Donkey of the week: Aaron and Mesh

Two big names this week … Our founder, creater and sucky prediction guy Aaron shared the title with the yoyo king Mesh. In the last 7 weeks Mesh has taken 2 Shrek awards and 3 Donkey awards, I guess he is our Newcastle, win, win, 2-5 lose, win, 0-5 lose etc! Nobody saw Aaron’s week coming though he was making a charge for the title and then decided to take a week off it seems. So with 3/0/3 Mesh and Aaron are our HESKEY’S this week. 🙂

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