MSA Prediction Game – Week 12 update - Week 13 (GW 25) open!

Headlines read: Oh Cooky …

It’s happened, the top two have been separated, they were like an old married couple for they had been together so long … But now they are apart, and a northern in between them … 🙁  Well for those of you that like to think you are too far behind … it’s actually just the half way point of MSA! Strange to think about that! But still 13 Gameweeks to go and 12 down! So keep up those predictions and catch that Sleno someone!

Shrek of the week:  Mesh

No need to read that again, it’s right! Hard to believe maybe, but correct all the same, with a 7/3/10 score as well! OOOOO what a great score! … And what is this … up to 7th in the league … look at him go! The donkey of past is now the shrek … long live shrek Mesh!

Donkey of the week: Bryan and Dudu

To Bryan, fair enough, you had a bad week, it happens to all of us! Move on! But Dudu … no Arsenal win prediction? Shame on you!!! The mighty Gunners at home to Blackburn and you go for a draw??? You deserve this donkey award! I mean I’m offended at your prediction and I’m a Hammer. 😛

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