MSA Prediction Game – Week 10 update, Week 11 open (GW 23)

Headlines read: Goals everywhere, and good ones at that!

This weeks headlines were really about the football, predictions came a far off 2nd, even in the MSA Prediction game! Who knew that QPR v Wigan would produce such good goals and who knew that Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool would all be this tame this year. Hats off to Spurs, but it seems when they come against the big boys they just can’t cut it, and with a tough fixture list to come if they want to keep any hopes of an unlikely title alive they need to work out how to beat the top teams and fast.

Anyways in the prediction world it was tough going, I mean no-one got Fulham 5-2 Newcastle… strange that! However Lam Kinh did get Man City 3-2 Spurs and it helped him to win the Shrek of the week. There was no movement up the top… a few point gains here and there but all together an average week for the leading contenders, however this wasn’t the same for the chasing pack …

Shrek’s of the week: Lam Kinh and Fredrick

With better scores than the rest they won the Shrek award! 5/2/7 was a very good score this week and it saw Lam Kinh jump from 11th to 7th and is in site of the leaders… Fredrick on the other hand who is aka Geordie Ash who was aka Chief didn’t jump any places in the league but closed the gap on the runaway leaders and another week like this one for him could see him make that a runaway 3!

Donkey of the week: Bryan, Daniel, Dudu, Tom B and Alex

Great team effort guys! Way to not let anyone suck on their own! With scores of 2/0/2 they all sucked just the same! Heads up guys though, there is always next week. 🙂

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