MSA Final Standings

Here we are then, the end of MSA in its first year (well 26 weeks). A roller coaster of predictions, some fun competition and a very fun first year. 🙂

Final Standings

So down to business and here are the final standings for the year …

1st – Sleno (160)
2nd – Ash (153)
3rd – Shiva (152)
4th – Simon (151)
5th – Aaron (150)

To view the final score tally for the top 15 players please see the table below:

I have stats to bore any stato, so if anyone wants to know anything then please just post a comment and I will give you the stats that go along with what you want to know. 🙂

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Shrek Champions

Here would be the top trophy winners, in your imaginary trophy cabinet would be this many awards …

Sleno 6
Shiva 4
Mark B 3
Dudu 3
Tom B 3
Marco 3

Donkey Champions

Oh dear oh dear, the list you don’t want to be on … but I guess at least your name is still up in lights!

Dudu 7
Cooky 5 (0 in first 18 weeks, 5 in the last 8 weeks!)
Mesh 4
Stiggers 4
Aaron 3

Best Single Weeks

The best two single weeks …

Tom B 8/3/11 – GW 4
Dudu 9/2/11 – GW 19

The Fantastic Seven

I would like to thank the following seven people … Shiva, VillaSimon, Aaron, Mesh, Bryan, Mark B and Dudu. What they have in common … well they are the seven guys who have played week in week out with me. That is right they are the only guys who have played every week! 26 gameweeks … congrats guys for making it, and thanks so much, adding up scores every week was a little easier with such a faithful bunch of guys. 🙂

MSA next year …

Never fear MSA will be here … There will be changes afoot but it will be back in some form or another, so thank you again for now, and see you all next MSA year. 🙂