MSA 10 Weeks in... Stat Attack

First: View the official league table

Second: I would like to thank everyone that has played, over the ten weeks we have had 28 different people try the game.

Third: I would like to say a special thank you to the 10 All stars… Sleno, Cooky, Shiva, Aaron, Villa Simon, Bryan, Mesh, Scotty B and Dudu. You all have 100% attendance in MSA and that really means a lot to me! So thanks to each of you!

Check out the stats below:

Shrek Award winners:

Cooky (3) Sleno (2) Mark B (2) Daniel (2) Geordie Ash (1) Shiva (1) Aaron (1) Lam Kinh (1) Bryan (1) Mesh (1) Tom B (1) The 19th (1) King Ed (1) Jon (1)

Donkey Award winners:

Dudu (4) Jon (2) Stiggers (2) Bryan (1) Mesh (1) Scotty B (1) Daniel (1) Tom B (1) Alex (1) The 19th (1) Richard Gray (1) John W (1)

Winners of both at least 1 Shrek and Donkey award:

Bryan, Mesh, Daniel, Tom B, The 19th and Jon!

If it was just an M league it would look like this…

1st Cooky
2nd Geordie Ash
=2nd Shiva
=2nd Sleno
5th Aaron
=5th Bryan
=5th Mark B
=5th Scotty B
9th Lam Kinh
=9th Villasimon

If it was just an S league it would look like this…

1st Sleno
2nd Aaron
=2nd Cooky
=2nd Geordie Ash
=2nd Villasimon
6th Shiva
7th BJW
=7th Lam Kinh
=7th Mesh
10th Bryan
=10th Lachie

If it was an Average league then the league would look like this (A score sorted)…

1st King Ed
2nd Geordie Ash
3rd Sleno
4th James C
5th BJW
6th Cooky
7th Lam Kinh
8th Shiva
9th Aaron
=9th Tony

This one should motivate those people high in this league to play every week and see yourself rise up the league!

Hope you enjoyed some random stats! If there are any others that you really wanted to see then please just post a comment and I will formulate it for you!

Thanks again for playing, and if you are reading this and never played… it’s not too late!