Misfiring Sanchez must deliver against Boro

Alexis Sanchez is fast becoming a headache for fantasy managers.

Sanchez’s recent form (three successive blanks) has been uncharacteristically awful, and he’s done no favours to those who drafted him in immediately after his Gameweek 28 blank fixture (yep, myself included).

That was a costly decision. Rivals who ignored Sanchez have sailed past me as the likes of Philippe Coutinho and Eden Hazard have filled their boots.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at Sanchez’s decline – Arsenal’s form, Sanchez’s stalled contract talks and doubts over Arsene Wenger’s future have all conspired to unsettle the Chilean.

And Wenger’s decision to field Danny Welbeck as the central striker is baffling. One goal in nine for the ex Man Utd man is hardly worth isolating Sanchez on the left for.

Sanchez simply has to deliver against Middlesbrough on Monday, otherwise he may have cost early adopters a mini league or two.

But perhaps even that won’t be enough – Harry Kane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku are looking irresistible up top – and surely Sanchez would have to be sacrificed to afford this trio.

It’s arguably a choice between Lukaku and Sanchez. We couldn’t dare overlook Zlatan for double Gameweek 34, or go without Kane, could we?

It’s a no brainer on form: Sanchez should go. Well, at least until Arsenal’s double Gameweeks 36 and 37.

But I’m struggling to see it as straightforward as that.

Sanchez is always capable of a huge haul, and surely this barren spell has to end soon? Fantasy managers who lost faith before his 23 pointer against West Ham won’t need reminding of that.

And that’s why I’m still favouring a place for Sanchez in my side. But shipping Lukaku doesn’t feel right.

We need Gameweek 33 to provide some answers, to give us a clear path forward.

What are my fellow Sanchez owners doing? Is it really worth shunning a heavy hitting forward for the misfiring Chilean?