Kevo's Korner - Gameweek 1

Welcome to a new regular feature entitled ‘Kevo’s Korner’ which will look at nothing in particular and cover general FPL issues with the odd chuckle here and there.

GW1 is over so what did we learn?

We learnt that Aaron still has it and went straight onto the leaderboard, had Sleno and Tony not benched Sigurdsson and Chester then they would both have joined him with Sleno topping the FPL Dugout league. This raises the age old tactic question do you look at a balanced squad where you can rotate players or pick a strong starting eleven with the cheapest subs?

Personally I prefer the latter using low scoring players that play for lowly placed teams as my subs. If called upon usually there is at least one of them fit so I can field 11 players, albeit I know they’re never going to get a double figure score but at least I’ll have a full team out.

This philosophy is rather open to the elements especially when one or more players get injured in a GW as the only real way out is the dreaded points hit. However given this I don’t see the point of having 5 decent midfielders and 3 decent forwards because every GW there is a decision on who to leave out, and there is a very good chance the decent player you leave out bags a 10-point GW and last week that was Sigurdsson.

But have a look at Sleno’s midfield of Eriksen, Ramsey, Sigurdsson, Mata and Sterling, now add this to his forward line of Bojan, Rooney and Diego Costa, and you’ll see a strong attacking 8 from which he will choose 7 players for the following GW. If a player gets injured during midweek he will simply bench him for a similar big hitter. So in short both sides of the coin have their advantages and disadvantages!

So what else did we learn? If you don’t have Siguardsson then probably he should be the first player you transfer in especially given he’s playing behind the striker in the hole and he’s at a good price at £6.2m. If you do have him then don’t bench him as he looks similar to Fellaini when he played for Everton where he can score whatever the fixture. Following on from this Gylfi Sigurdsson is my first Must Buy Player.

I’ll also be looking at differential captains highlighting strong players that may not be first on the list as everyone’s captain. With Chelsea looking every inch title contenders on Monday at Burnley expect most managers to give the armband to a Chelsea player, either Diego Costa, Fabregas or Hazard, therefore my Differential Captain for GW2 is Glyfi Sigurdsson, who’s Swansea welcome to the Liberty the same team that Mourinho’s Chelsea passed off the park in the first half on Monday evening, Burnley.

If you fancy a One Week Wonder where you transfer in a player and also give him the armband, then this week’s One Week Wonder is Tottenham’s Emmanuel Adebayor who has a home game against newly promoted QPR, a 3% ownership making him every bit the differential.

I’ll also be keeping my eye on the Leaderboard and thereabouts, FPL Dugout regular Wayne Powell (WP) is placed in 77th and a special mention to Andy Parsons and Maddy Parsons, Luke’s dad and sister, who both had a good opening GW…….well Luke at least I’m the best at FPL in my family!

Good luck for GW2 everyone and see you on the otherside!