Ghastly garments for the new season

A new season brings a new set of kits (although I’m sure once upon a time they used to change every other season) and after reviewing the latest threads from our top flight teams this week, I can safely say that one club has outdone the lot.

Congratulations goes to Everton for their hideously offensive pink away shirt.

If the rationale behind the design was that it would put the opposition off, then it failed miserably against Blackburn. Everton’s new shirt is the metaphorical equivalent of scoring an own goal!

Other notable offenders this season include Man Utd with their home and away “retro” kits – good luck to the Glazers if they hoping to make any money off that kit. Chelsea’s home goalie shirt makes Petr Cech look like an enormous carrot in his luminous orange jersey. All he needs now is a green protective cap to finish off the look.

The Puma designs for this season on the whole are pretty good, all bar the new Tottenham home shirt, which looks like it was designed by a three year old.

Although football isn’t about fashion it wouldn’t hurt for the manufacturers to take a long hard look at what they’ve created before they decide it’s ok to charge £40 for their latest design.

If you’ve noticed any unusual/ bizarre kits this season, be it in the Premiership, Football League or overseas, post a link in the comments below.

P.s. Anyone heard of Xtep, Burdda or Mifit..?

…nope neither have I but apparently they respectively make the Birmingham, Wolves and Wigan’s kits.