Get a headstart with fixture pairings

So while we all sit patiently, ok some not so patiently, but either way we are waiting for the launch of the new game.

What better to do with your time than study the fixture list! Now I will let you check out the new English Premier League fixtures for yourself. However let me point out one little simple thing for you!

Home … Home … Home … Home … Home …

Isn’t that the dream? To have your players at home every game? If it’s Rooney or RVP then maybe you might not care! But if it’s a Swansea or Reading defender then you might care a little more.

So some of you may be aware of this and some of you might not be so aware!

Each year the 20 Premier League teams are paired off. What this means is one team will be at home, and the other will be away, for every one of the 38 gameweeks.

Now some of this is due to where the grounds are and such. Like take Man United. Can you guess who they are paired with? Yes you got it Man City! Liverpool get Everton of course! But some of them aren’t so logical.

Now if you’re looking at a budget keeper or defender then this might be helpful.

Take West Ham and Stoke. Both traditionally a lot better at home than away. Pick up say Jaaskelainen and Begovic and you will have yourself a keeper at home every week!

Or maybe you’re thinking of having 2 all star strikers. Well why not plump with Rooney and Aguero, that way you will always have an easy captain choice since one of them will be at home!

Here are this season’s pairings:

Arsenal + Spurs
Aston Villa + West Brom
Chelsea + Fulham
Everton + Liverpool
Man City + Man United
Newcastle + Sunderland
Norwich + Wigan
QPR + Southampton
Reading + Swansea
Stoke + West Ham