FPL Dugout team interview - which player is most overpriced?

You’ve heard our thoughts on which players are first on our team sheets, and which player could be bargain of the season.

Now we discuss overpriced players.

Which player is most overpriced, and why?

Sleno says Andy Carroll

At 8.5m he just isn’t a bargain anywhere! He won’t get near the first 11 at Liverpool. If he goes to Newcastle, Ba at 7.5m is much more appealing.

Mesh says Glyfi Sigurdsson

Very good player? Yes. Had a great second half spell at Swansea last season. However, at 9m he’s a bit overpriced. His value can’t be almost on a par with the values of the likes of Dempsey and Bale who had an impressively consistent season.

Shiva says Glyfi Sigurdsson

There is a difference between being at Swansea and Spurs. Though he may not fail, I don’t think he will score points as much as he did last season. I even feel Antonio Valencia is a bit overpriced despite his good form last season.

Marco says Victor Moses

Andy Carroll was in the reckoning but if he can leave Liverpool and play with a team that crosses more balls he could be a good shout.

My winner undoubtedly is Victor Moses. 7m for a player that returned a solitary assist in the first 12 gameweeks last season is just not good enough. Even if a move to Chelsea comes off I envisage plenty of time on the sidelines for Victor.

Aaron says Michel Vorm

Sorry Swansea fans but Vorm looks too pricey at 5.5m. It’s hard to imagine Swansea keeping anywhere near 14 clean sheets again. Vorm’s price hike was inevitable but he’s 1m more than he should be for me.