FPL Dugout Champions League FINAL, MSA Prediction Game and American Cup

Sit back and relax, its your Champions League, MSA and American Cup update!!!

Champions League FINAL …

Bossdrum V Dudu

Let me first say what an effort by Tony and Jakob to make it this far, my hat goes off to you both! Jakob came up against a wildcard and couldn’t let a Sleno 150 out of the bag.

Then there was Tony, my tip from day one, as a 4th seed I tipped him to do well, very well, and he truly hasn’t let me down once.  The final score with Bossdrum … 161 V 160.  Yes it really was just one point, so great effort Tony, so close my friend, but hold your head high you should great effort!

So onto the final, Tony was close, but can you say that Bossdrum doesn’t deserve to be here? Not for a second, week after week I have found him to have the top score and he deserves his place in the final, where he will come up against the peoples favourite of Dudu, who has been on quite the roll himself!

So how do their teams match up you are asking … No RVP in either … Rooney in both, for that matter also Cisse, Jelavic, Bale, Dempsey, and Evans.  But then … differences! Pienaar, Ben Arfa, Moses meets Valencia, Siggy and VDV in the midfield.  At the back its Cech, Hibbert and Walker meeting Vorm, Kompany and Sagna.

What this all means? Well there are some differences, and transfers to come I’m sure! So its all a little close to call for me! I’m sure that captain choice may be key, and maybe a clever transfer here or there may well do it! So for the last time, may the best man win and be crowned the first FPL Dugout Champions League winner!!!

MSA Headlines read: Oh no Slennoooooooooo …

Pressure got to him this week, and another week like this one and Sleno’s once tight grip on the MSA title will be gone! He lost ground to all 3 of his nearest rivals and there are only 20 games to go … but too many for his nerves sake!  The pack decided to make a move and well what a move it was, and now if someone can have the bottle to have a stonker week then they might just take the title!

Let me say here what I said in chat a while ago, I Sleno never look at anyone’s scores before I predict on purpose, and since it is so close to the end I will make sure 100% not to see any before I predict!

In Marco news, he has a friend for the last 3 weeks. Mac has stepped up and gained himself a 2 point lead already. 🙂

Shrek of the week: Shiva

One of three guys who could catch Sleno at the start of play, and he sure had a good go this week at catching! With a score of 7/3/10 he hit the dizzy hights of double figures and a nice little Shrek award for his table. Nice work sir!

Donkey of the week: Scotty B

14 fixtures, 3/0/3 … Scotty, its all yours sir! EEEEEEEHHHHHHOOOOORRRRRRRRR!

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American Cup Brackets


Tony  v Jakob


Geordie Ash V Demi


Villa Simon V Jon


Stiggers V Scotty B


BJW V Mesh(y)


Daniel V Owen


Tim V  Lundi


Aaron V Chen


Richard S V Tom B


Mrs Potato Head V Sleno


Alex V Shiva


Peter Gabor V Marco Del Wattsio


Bryan V Cooky


Tom Howells V 19 Times Winner


Siamrit Wongvichit V Beat the Losers


Arsenal V Norwich
Newcastle V Man City
Aston Villa V Tottenham
Bolton V West Brom
Fulham V Sunderland
QPR V Stoke
Wolves V Everton
Man Utd V Swansea
Blackburn V Wigan
Liverpool V Chelsea