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2011/12 Regulars End of the season review

I have here put together a little table of the Regular FPL Dugout posters stats for the season just past and wondered how we compared to the leagues champion. Apologies if I’ve missed you off but you can’t win all the time. To be fair looking at my research most teams stats bear a lot of resemblance to each other so I guess great minds think alike.

I have grouped together stats such as position, transfers, team value and various other attributes so we now see who is the “tinkerman” and who are the Wengers of our FPL Dugout community. I’ve chucked in MSA and Champions League positioning for a bit of fun also.

Comparing the main FPL managers to overall winner Sam Pater with his team, last season Sam finished for a FPL regular an average 228,975 overall so it goes to show with a bit of research and a lot of luck it could be any of us next season!? (We Wish!).

His transfers were also roughly the same making 40 transfers over the 38 Gameweeks compared to the FPL Dugout regulars average total of 45.2. Another key ingredient was the fact Sam only took a 4 point hit on 4 occasions and only one 8 point hit whereas us regulars averaged nearly eight 4 point hits (7.93) and two 8 point hits ( 1.68 ). To be fair Scotty B slightly skewed the figures with a massive fifteen 4 point hits and nine 8 point hits so he definitely earns the title of the “Tinkerman!”

From what I can see getting a good start is vital, although Sam was 298,516 after week 1 after that he was straight into the top 50k and never looked back, looking at my gameweek history it was nearly gameweek 17 by the time I had entered the top 50k. Maybe the wildcard could be an early key to unlock the door to the higher reaches of the league even though you only picked your 385th draft and final team two weeks ago!

The second part of a decent season is obviously consistency, I have monitored highest and lowest gameweek scores to see if there is any correlation between net transfers and highest and lowest scores and also team value will play a part in that. We have all had players who are in and out of form and maybe we can learn when is best to ditch them? One key stat from this was Champions League winner Bossdrum’s excellent lowest season score of 41, commendable indeed.

The third and final part is having a big set of balls, anyone can follow this site or the several sites like us and copy who everyone is saying put in as safe options, sure you will probably finish in the top 100k but really where’s the fun in that? Geordie Ash showed last season with some of his picks you can really hit the heights with being brave and bucking the trend to the conventional thought process.

I won’t bore you any more with my waffle but please take a look at this spreadsheet as I have spent considerable time on it. I will at this point thank the other writers for FPL Dugout especially Aaron and Sleno whose work is immense in producing a successful site such as this. Put your feet up guys as the middle of July is not that far away! In the meantime I think there is a little tournament in the Ukraine and Poland that may occupy our thoughts!!!


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