Does wearing glass really hurt you?

Every proud Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal or even the odd F.C United fan can say “Cut me and I will bleed Red.”  But rather than being a sign of affection towards their team it’s just because blood happens to be red! Being a West Ham fan then saying “Cut me and I will bleed Claret and Blue” makes no sense.

On the other hand, saying “I see the world through Claret and Blue glasses”, well that makes a lot of sense, but does it help in the world of fantasy? I would put forward that putting aside whatever glasses you wear would be the best idea if you strive for fantasy glory!

Sorry Luke, but you’re my finest example.  You name your team “The world’s greatest team” but lace it full of Villa players.  You see if you want to win anything you have to forget who you support, unless of course for some unknown reason you support Chelsea.  But then you have to consider is there more joy in choosing Weimann captain at home to Norwich over Hazard away at Stoke?  If you’re a Villa fan, as Luke is, then maybe just maybe a little fantasy glory is far outweighed by celebrating a Villa goal on more than one count.

But then what happens if you support not a relegation scrapper like Villa, but a real mid-table team like Man United? You’re wearing your red glasses, and you think you’re still the best team in the world, and without thinking about it you sign Shrek, Di Maria and De Gea.  Great, all good players, but then you have just spent about 25 million and can’t afford Hazard, Agüero and Carlton Cole! So in this case take off your glasses, smell the fresh blue air and sign some Chelsea and City for goodness sake!

What of this rambling then you may ask.  Well I believe that the only real conclusion is that it’s best to be neutral in fantasy.  Even a bias towards the aforementioned Chelsea might hurt you with the odd captain choice here and there, and the odd here and there mistake we all know might be the difference between 1st and 23rd.

So then it’s easy right? Because I will sign off by telling you to put aside your team and go for glory! Well actually no.  When you have an awful season like I did last year you get a little perspective.  Do I want fantasy glory still, sure.  But do I want to take off my claret and blue glasses to do so? I don’t believe that I do, so much so I think that I will be having them readjusted for the new season. Welcome to Sleno’s team Mr’s Payet, Sakho and Cresswell!