Choosing Captains

Invariably, the league positions in every league are decided by the choices of captains by all the FPL managers.

I am not saying because I am writing an article on “choosing captains”, I really think so.

Yes, your whole composition of the team does matter a lot, but if you select your captain wisely, and get some luck, you would most probably score more than average points per week which will in turn guarantee you a good position after 38 weeks.

Fixtures and Form

Fixtures are arguably the most important factors in choosing captains.

Generally when any big team is playing the smaller team, we just select the big team’s big player as captain and hope for a big team to score a lot of goals (lots of ’big’s’ there).

Generally we don’t look at form when it comes to quality players (e.g. if Rooney has not scored since 5 games and his next match is against QPR (H), 50% of FPL managers will keep him captain).

But when it comes to average players, form is an important criterion.

Players like Tim Cahill, Walcott and Bale are thought to be scoring in bursts. They will score big points in 4-5 games and then suddenly go quiet.

So choosing them as a captain, you will have to consider their current form as well as fixtures.


I believe the most important thing to choose 1 player from others is the role of the player for the team.

Consider my current situation for this Gameweek 8 where Arsenal play Sunderland (H) and Man City play Aston Villa (H), and I have to choose between Silva and van Persie for captaincy.

If you see the Man City team, there is no single point of attack.

Though Silva has been consistent with points, the points are greatly shared by Aguero, Dzeko and Nasri.

So even if Man City beat Villa 4-0, you can’t be sure whether Silva will score big points for you but on the other hand, if Arsenal beat Sunderland 4-0, van Persie has to do something.

He is the focal point of their attack. Takes penalties, corners, free kicks. So I would always go with van Persie as captain as his role is very important in the Arsenal team.

(If I end up getting 2 points for van Persie and 12 points for Silva, I won’t regret my decision nor would I change my attitude of selecting a captain. Sensible moves will pay off in 38 Gameweeks for sure.)

Some people might have felt that Bryan was lucky to get 24 points out of Bendtner last week as he captained him.

I don’t know what other choices he had, but I won’t say it was a bad decision because Bendtner plays as a lone striker at Sunderland. He is the focal point now.

They played at home against West Brom who let in goals for fun. Bendtner could have taken penalties too. Bendtner has got a good header and West Brom have been vulnerable on set pieces.

So good thinking Bryan and congratulations for the score you got. You didn’t have Rooney so there wasn’t any easy captain choice for you anyway. I will give it to you Bryan. Well done.

Double Gameweek

Whenever I have to play a catch up game in the league, I always look forward to double Gameweeks (where some teams play twice in a Gameweek).

These Gameweeks can give you 100+ points in a single week provided you take some risk and plan well before that Gameweek.

It is always better to have a captain as a decent player who would be playing 180 mins in that week.

It can be a difficult choice if you have some very good options who have just one game (e.g. if Tottenham are playing Everton (A) and Norwich (H) and Man Utd are playing West Brom (H), and you have both Van der Vaart and Rooney, it can be a difficult choice).

I would definitely go with Van der Vaart in this case as Van der Vaart’s role is also pivotal in Tottenham’s forward line.

Finally, all the best to everyone for your captain selections.

It’s very tough to digest when your captain gives just 2 points. I would love to know if anyone has got any other criterions for selecting a captain.