Chelsea and Torres the perfect analogy for early fantasy season

Man United 3-1 Chelsea. What a fantastically enjoyable game.

People will drool over Man United’s form, their goals, revel in another victory, and ridicule Fernando Torres for a horrific second half miss. Same old Torres.

Those who think a bit more deeply beyond the bare face events will see things differently, and this sums up the early fantasy season, where casual decisions with little thought are being rewarded.

Yes, Man United were deadly, they took their chances and perhaps deserve their win, but that doesn’t really tell the story.

Chelsea were excellent. They had 20 goal attempts. Torres was superb. Yes he missed a clear open goal but you have to look beyond that.

His movement, skill, work rate, willingness to take on opponents and second half finish was pure class today.

Chelsea, with the likes of Meireles and Mata, also moved the ball much quicker, which suits the Torres game.

But Chelsea and Torres come away with nothing.

I think a lot of fantasy managers could relate to this right now.

Those who carefully prepare their squads based on long term fixtures, form, and stats, to ensure they have near enough 11 players with good fixtures every week, have been getting little reward.

For example, those who played Aston Villa defenders home to Newcastle are outdone by those who fielded the likes of Evans (assist) and Smailling (goal) against Chelsea.

Or those who pick a captain playing against a very good side, or a captain who is likely to be rested, gain over those who choose Luis Suarez home to Bolton, for example.

Could anyone really predict these things? Those who don’t play the odds are getting away with it, but I guarantee those who do play the odds will emerge as the victors come Gameweek 38.

People will sell Luis Suarez after his poor performance today. But seriously, come on, the guy has Wolves at home next weekend. I just hope these people don’t get away with that one.

After all, this is just Gameweek 5.