All things Sleno, MSA, FPL Dugout Champions League and American Cup!!!


Sleno: Going to be super busy, read on for more details.

MSA: Marco races out of the blocks, but gets caught. GWs 20 and 21 are now open!

Champions League: 1st leg of Quarter Finals are done, 2nd leg to come, update below. THERE IS BIG NEWS ABOUT THE LAST 8 DRAW.

American Cup: 1st leg of 17-32 bracket down, 2nd leg to come, scores below.

Sleno News

This week is a nightmare in terms of work and football. At school all of my profs have got together and planned essays for the same week.

I have 4 due in the space of this week and all very big, so I’m stressed and have little time for FPL Dugout, I’m sorry but that is the way it is!

Football is a nightmare because there are games in GW 32 that end Sunday, with bonuses coming out Monday, but games in GW 33 starting Monday, nightmare!

So here is what I have come up with, what I think I will be able to do with work still my number one priority:


There is an update for this week below. GW 32 and GW 33 predictions are now open, these two gameweeks run April 6-8 and April 9-11 so I have decided to update them together.

My last essay is due 12th, so will update that evening. You will be able to post your predictions for GW 34 from a later date, which will be made clear to you, it will be clear, but I still suggest that you predict soon so you don’t forget!

Champions League

This is very tricky, lack of time now prevents me doing my long report, but its “mid-game” I guess since its 2 legs, so its not that important! You will see the scores below as they stand right now.

Now the real nightmare is the last 8 will start GW 33, which is Monday, but there will be games Sunday. I have played around with a number of ideas and here is the best one …

The draw for the last 8 of the FPL Dugout Champions League will take place at 3:50pm English time on Saturday 7th April.

Let me explain, I want people to be able to see who they might be playing before they do their transfers and sort out their team.

If I do it after the games and bonuses come out Monday then it will be basically deadline time.

If I do it Sunday night guessing which teams then it still won’t be helpful! So I want to do it early and I feel like that is the time that most people will be online and think it will be fun to do a live draw while people are around! So if you want to know who gets who, be on the chat at that time!

American Cup: Will follow a similar plan to the Champions League, the draws will be announced from 3:00pm English time on Saturday 7th April. The current scores of games are lower in this rather long post!!!


Headlines read: Marco quick out of the blocks, but quick enough? Read on to find out …

Marco news normally comes last, but not this week! On chat a couple of times this week he has commented on his great MSA results and since I did his scores first I was super impressed 6/4/10!!!

WHOOOO and I had already given him the Shrek of the week award … but was I wrong to do so? (Marco now is 18th and on our score sheet for real! Congrats on that) …

Shrek of the week: Read on to find out what happened …

So Marco up first 6/4/10 boom I thought, then came along Stiggers, and how close he got (7/2/9)! Then wham!!! Scotty B (6/4/10) out of nowhere tied Marco, I didn’t see it coming, I couldn’t believe he had to share his title!!!

Then came *** and did ***, then BJW (7/1/8) came with a top score on most weeks, but not this one! And even time for Mark B (6/2/8) to make a late dash … So that leaves Marco and Scotty right … Oh no.

Because those *** and he did *** was this … DUDU AND HE DID 9/2/11!!!

My my my what a week from Dudu, that is right apart from QPR beating Arsenal he got every game correct!!!

What a cracking week and I didn’t think I would see the day! Congrats to all the guys who had a great week, but special congrats to Dudu, for you are the Shrek of the week!!!

Donkey of the week: Cooky

Cooky with 3/1/4! I’m worn out after the Shrek to say any more. 🙂

View the latest MSA Prediction Game table

View more information about MSA Prediction Game, how to play, and the rules

GWs 20 and 21 are now open (GW 32 and 33). PLEASE SEE BOTTOM OF POST FOR FIXTURES and post your predictions on this thread:

Champions League Last 16 First Leg

Bossdrum 63 V 59 BJW
Jon 49 V 43 Stiggers
Villa Simon 51 V 63 Scotty B
Tim 39 V 48 Geordie Ash
Mesh(y) 59 V 63 Demi
Lundi 47 V 63 Dudu
Tony 61 V 48 Daniel
Jakob 63 V 58 Owen

American Cup

The American Cup 17-32 bracket games 1st leg, remember the winners go to 17-24 and losers go to 25-32!!!

Aaron 56 V 53 Peter Gabor
Chen 67 V 34 19 Times Winner
Marco Del Wattsio 76 V 47 Shiva
Sleno 71 V 42 Bryan
Siamrit Wongvichit 32 V 61 Mrs Potato Head
Cooky 56 V 57 Alex
Beat the Losers 48 V 73 Richard S
Tom B 61 V 49 Tom Howells

MSA Prediction Game

GW 20

Swansea v Newcastle
Sunderland v Tottenham
Bolton v Fulham
Chelsea v Wigan
Liverpool v Aston Villa
Norwich v Everton
West Brom v Blackburn
Stoke v Wolves
Man Utd v QPR
Arsenal v Man City

GW 21

Everton v Sunderland
Newcastle v Bolton
Tottenham v Norwich
Aston Villa v Stoke
Fulham v Chelsea
Blackburn v Liverpool
Man City v West Brom
Wigan v Man Utd
Wolves v Arsenal
QPR v Swansea