Who will be the "Last Dugouter Standing"?

To celebrate a new season of FPL, we at FPL Dugout are rolling out a new season long competition, called “Last Dugouter Standing”.

The idea of this competition is a very simple one, there will be just one winner, and the winner will be the last manager standing come May 24th 2015!

How this works is also very simple. Each of the 38 gameweeks will see a set amount of Dugouters eliminated from the competition. Now the amount of eliminations each week depends on the number of entrants. For example:

39 entrants – 1 entrant will be eliminated each week.

58 entrants – 1 entrant each week, with a second elimination on each even Gameweek.

The elimination will be decided by lowest Gameweek score. In the case of a tie, count back will be used to determine who will be eliminated.

Who will be the “Last Dugouter Standing” is the question! So, if you want to be in with a chance to be the last standing then all you have to do is enter via the link below, then sit back, relax and look out for regular articles over the season.

Join Last Dugouter Standing

Entries close: 16 Aug 11:30am