The A to H of FPL Dugout Champions League

Well that is that! All four Pots have been drawn and we have our line up for the FPL Dugout Champions League. Here is a little look at the line up …

The Treat of a Lady – Group A – Villa Simon, Beat the LosersBryanDudu

That’s right Group A is made up with our only lady in the CL! We very much welcome Rachel to the CL and we wish her all the luck in the world and hope she does very well! Well I’m sure that is the thought of most of us at least! I know that Simon, Bryan and Dudu feel differently, with the banter already started Group A looks like a great group and a very hard one to call who will come out on top! So the Sleno would like to wish you all luck and may the best two teams make it to the last 16!

The Group of Death – Group B – Alex, Scotty BChenJakob

“Sleno you have this wrong, you mean the group of death is group G!” that may well be what you’re thinking or even saying, but I would like to prove you wrong. I will get to group G later but let me show you the stats and then you can make your own mind up. Alex – 1st Seed in Pot 1. Scotty B – 1st seed in Pot 2. Chen 1st seed in pot 3 and Jakob 4th seed in pot 4. Those stats don’t lie let me show you a table to show you clearly:

This table shows you the combined totals of each groups seeding:

B 7
G 14
C 14
A 16
F 19
E 20
H 23
D 31

The Group with Sleno 😉 – Group C – SlenoShivaStiggersTim

I struggled to come up with something clever for my own group! All I can see in this group is 4 good teams and 4 good guys! So who knows who will win this league! I mean I dont care as long as Sleno comes 2nd to that is all 🙂

A chance for the underdog – Group D – Marcodelwattsio, Peter GaborOwenTony

If you want to see a 4th seed on a roll then look no further than Tony scoring 81 last week and 80 this week Tony will be looking to shake up Group D and take a place in the last 16 from a pot 4 spot! I’m sure though it wont be an easy ride with Marco coming onto the threads lately and talking himself up it will be interesting to see if Tony keeps on excelling or if the so called “top seeds” dominate as their league position suggests they should … Its offical Tony is sleno’s top pot 4 player to advance to the next round! Now go and do me proud Tony … unless the other guys out play you 🙂 Then i will be just as happy for them to be in the last 16 😉

Who? – Group E – Demi, Aaronlundi19timeswinner

That’s right who? Well Aaron is Aaron! We all know him and Demi is around and a top manager for sure! So that leaves Lundi and 19 times! Who are these two gentlemen and how are they going to do in the CL? Well only time will show us that … Group E does make up a good set of managers though that we can see even if we don’t know them! And group E ranks 3rd in the list of combined league positions as seen below:

B 259
G 278
E 323
C 380
F 323
A 318
H 383
D 419

Dark Horses everywhere! – Group F – bossdrumDanielTom HowellsSiamrit Wongvichit

Here we find ourselves with a few unknowns, so I’m sure they won’t be talked about a lot, but maybe that is the way they like it? Quietly going about their business and well … don’t be surprised if you see one of these teams in the latter stages and find youself wondering where they came from!

The “seeds” are running scared – Group G – Geordie Ash, Mesh(y)CookyMrs Potato Head

That’s right, the most talked about group, group G, and I think that the so called top seeds of Ash and Mesh are running scared and … well so should they! They were ranked 4th and 7th in their pots, but with them are Cooky and Mrs who were ranked 2nd and 1st.  What that means to me is a potential upset in the making! Cooky and Mrs were both close to breaking out of their groups and have been improving in recent weeks, and when I look at this group I don’t see a clear favorite, but a 4 horse race, no head start, no handicap and one that any two could come out on top from!

The Last, but not least – Group H – Richard S, BJWJonTom B

They find themself in the last group, but I think that each man will count himself just as equal as any other! There will be hope from all corners of this group of a good cup run and it’s another group that I feel any team could end up victorious in!