September and a Little - An FPL Dugout Review

As each month comes to an end, or in this case the international break is upon us, we’ll take a little time out to review the previous month.

We start with reviewing the Premier League, then move on to Fantasy Premier League, FPL Dugout League, FPL Dugout League Cup, FPL Dugout FA Cup, and finally MSA Prediction Game.

Rooney = Shrek = The best of the best

Heskey = Donkey = The worst of the worst

Premier League

Shrek – Chelsea

Did going to Arsenal stop them? Sure didn’t! Right now it looks like much won’t stop Chelsea!  Free flowing up top, and tight at the back, they have easily been the standout team so far!

But for the first time this year their fixture list looks daunting, and the next 6 games or so will show us if they really are here to stay or just a flash in the pan! And if they do fall, just look who are 2nd and 3rd … you guessed it, both Manchester clubs, just 4 points behind.

Donkey – QPR

Ouch, now look at the bottom three: Reading, Norwich and QPR. I have harped on about Reading and Norwich being my 2 favourites to go down for long enough, and neither has done anything to change my mind.  QPR however, that is a different story!

Did it feel like they were buying for fun at the start of the season? Well the reason it felt that way is because they were! Take Greeno, they paid him 2 million to sign on, 50k a week, and well he sits on the bench each week! Take a look up the table Greeno, first team football and 11 points for the Hammers!

So they are the easiest choice of all! Donkey all the way! You suck!

Fantasy Premier League

Shrek – Fletcher

Now this could have been Bale, Ba, Baines or any other B you can think of. But it’s not!

Fletcher is an interesting one, he seems to score with every shot, but doesn’t shoot a lot it seems or he would have 20 goals by now if he was Suarez!  But none the less he has got it done, and (take away Man City away) done it every week! 2 at Swansea, and 1 against Liverpool, Wigan and West Ham. Oh yeah and he went 3,3,3,3 for bonuses! Boom! There is a man on form!

Donkey – Graham

Pre-season, I don’t think there was a hotter guy than Graham. That goal against West Ham week 2 settled the nerves. Then well let’s try 2,2,2,2 with 90,70,70,90 mins. Pretty bad eh? Not really, this week he got hauled off at half-time, and the only thing I read about post game from his manager was how good his replacement was! Ouch!

FPL Dugout League

Shrek – Villa Simon

Currently sitting 5th in the league and 1,657 overall, Simon is having another great season. But it didn’t start amazingly well for him and after 3 weeks he was sitting 117,766 overall! But with 4 very good gameweeks, he has seen himself rise up the overall ranking and also the FPL Dugout League! So hats off to you sir!

FPL Dugout League Cup

Here we are at the semi-final stage! Congrats to Chris PolandVilla SimonAaron and Riba de Sella who have made it this far! And what better a time than now to tell you the draw!

Not sure if this is good or not, but the Villa final is still on!

Aaron V Riba de Sella

Villa Simon V Chris Poland

Semi-finals are 2 legs, Gameweeks 8 and 9, with the final to come in Gameweek 10.

FPL Dugout FA Cup

It’s coming! Gameweek 12 or thereabouts for sign up … Maybe even Gameweek 11 as I’m expecting good numbers again and want people to have time. Either way look for it sometime after the finish of the FPL Dugout League Cup!

MSA Prediction Game

Shrek – Dudu

Wham bam! With a stonking 515 points, Dudu is our current MSA leader! And boy did he have a good week this week to rise from 4th to take this title! Hitting the heights of 165 showed that anything really can happen in this game, and things I’m sure will change a lot as the season goes on! Just look at some of the names just behind: Tom B, Marco, Aaron, Unicorn, Villa Simon, Sleno and Cooky all lining up!

Donkey – Don

Not sure if the game is up for Don or what, but he sits last and has not moved this week! Maybe he has given up all hope!