MSA Prediction Game is now open!

FPL Dugout’s Prediction Game called MSA is now open for the 2012/13 season!

After its debut season success, MSA is back for its 2nd year and is bigger and better than before!

After hours and hours of manual calculations last season, this year we move to using the impressive talkSPORT “I Know the Score site” to help us out with the scoring!

The game is still pretty much the same as last year – all you have to do is enter your predictions for each Premier League match.

How to play

How to score points

How to join the MSA Prediction Game FPL Dugout mini league

MSA Prediction Game FPL Dugout Code: FCBF7-BEU

Once you have joined all you need to do is come back each gameweek and enter your predictions and watch your score rack up!

Throughout the season look out for articles on your progress and league standings!

So if you’re on the fence and need a little more motivation to join, then what could motivate you more than to try and beat our reigning champion … Villa Simon!  And if you need just one more little motivation, it will rack you up some Co-efficient points!