MSA 20+21 update, 22 (GW 34 open) with a little FPL Dugout Champions League and American Cup score update

Sit back and relax, its your MSA, Champions League and American Cup update!!!

Headlines read: Marco does the double, but is out done by Cooky who does the triple!

There are little headlines apart from the Shrek and Donkey awards! At the top Sleno keeps being consistent and is hard to catch, but people for sure haven’t given up, and 1 good week for another, or one bad for Sleno could see the lead disappear!

Maybe this is the time of year to get clever with your predictions! My wife says it a lot, “go big or go home!” So if you’re chasing, I challenge you to take some risks and try and knock Sleno off his perch. 🙂

Shrek of the week: Marco shares with Scotty B, Mark B and Dudu in 20, but wins it all on his own in 21!

Well he talks the good talk, and finally he backs up his talking by moving from 18th to … erm … ok he didn’t move! He is still 18th.

But Marco now has 2 Shrek awards, now the first one was shared with Scotty, Mark and Dudu with scores of 5/1/6 for them all. He must have been happy, but not happy enough it seems since he went the whole way and with a score of 7/3/10 he took his first 1 man Shrek award this week!

He is now within sight of LamKinh and a top 15 finish is not out of the question, which would be a great achievement! So Marco congrats on your double Shrek. 🙂

Scotty can’t complain though, he followed up his shrek in 20 with another good week and shoots from 9th to 7th in the league and is making a late run of top 5 glory!

Donkey of the week: Cooky 1 … 2 … 3!!!

Oh dear, oh dear, after this first Donkey award in week 19, Cooky scored 3/0/3 in both weeks 20 and 21 which collected him a double, and then a triple (or turkey if you’re a bowling fan) of Donkey awards!

Having gone 18 weeks without a donkey award he now has 3 and has dropped down the league to 6th! But as they say “form is temporary and class is permanent” so maybe this will give Cooky a little kick up the backside and see him climb back up, since he is just 4 points of 4th, and 6 points off 2nd!

It is well and truly packed up all over the league and the guys that come in donkey from here on out may well see a big league slip like Cooky here has!

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Champions League Last 8 1st leg Score Updates

What exciting Leg 1’s we had! With the leads sitting at 17, 11, 9 and 1 game tied up no game is over and all are very well placed for an interesting 6 gameweek!

Now will be the time to see who has thought ahead, and any team that is behind might be able to make up the difference if they have a couple more players playing this week!

This week over all was a real disappointment with little going on, it was only really Cisse, RVP, Walcott, Aguero and Dempsey that saved the day for most!

Dudu 68 V 59 Villa Simon

Even without RVP Dudu managed to win the first leg and take a healthy lead into the 2nd leg, a good overall team performance which included Hart, Sagna, Ben Arfa, Walcott, Cisse and Yakubu all scoring well for the most balanced team of the week of any of the CL’ers! The 24 captain from RVP helped Simon keep in touch though, and with RVP at home to wigan this week if he scores big again then Simon might be able to narrow the gap and even take the tie!

Jon 52 V 69 Jakob

The Jakob train just doesn’t seem to be stopping and is the dark horse of old now with bright shinning lights and heading for the last 4 at this rate! The combo of Cisse (C), RVP, Dempsey, Walcott and Simpson took him clear of Jon who inspite of RVP (C), Cisse and Simpson was left behind without the midfield deadly duo of Theo and Clint! With Jakob only fielding 8 men right now for GW 34 the door is still open for Jon if he makes good use of his transfer and picks the right captain!

Geordie Ash 58 V 69 Bossdrum

Top scorer for the last 16, and he doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon! They shared RVP (C), Dempsey and Theo, but not a clean sheet in sight for Ash really hurt as the Bossdrum gained a lead via Sagna and Kompany with their teams never looking in trouble of letting in goals! Gibbs injury meant that Ash missed out on a clean himself and with Gibbs rumoured to being out for another 2 weeks GW 34 looks to be strong once again with Bossdrum already being able to field 10, and of course with a transfer to come! Ash’s only hope looks to be to gamble, make maybe 1 or 2 great transfers and hit the right captain on the head and hope that the Drum avoids a good captain choice! So its still very much game on!

Demi 57 V 57 Tony (remember if its still a draw it comes to away goals)

There is close, and then there is level! Demi and Tony find themselves in that very situation! Szcnesny, Kompany and Cisse did it for Demi, whereas Hart, Simpson and Dempsey did it for Tony, but the difference came out the same, and this tie is well … anyone’s to win of course! Its now just a straight one week tie! Now of course if they draw again, if they draw with less than 57 Tony will make it through on away goals, if more then Demi will! Its that simple!

If its 57 v 57 its time to pull some hair out and count who scored the most goals, then add in assists, then clean sheets, then bonuses, then yellows, then reds or something along those lines. My quick math makes it 10 men Tony V 9 men Demi this week, but I’m sure that will change after transfers, so honest! Who knows who will win! Yet another game that might come down to who is the best captain and who can keep a clean sheet even! Good luck to the both of you and may the best man win. 🙂

American Cup 1st Leg scores

9-16 Bracket

Daniel 38 V 60 Stiggers

Stiggers quickly got over his poor CL exit and built up a good 22 point lead over Daniel. Daniel will have to continue his run of producing a 60+ gameweek every other week to have any chance of beating Stiggers, but with a few less teams playing could be made a very hard task indeed.

Scotty B 48 V 28 Owen

Scotty B pulled out a decent 20 point lead over Owen after a great shout from Sleno to play Cisse captain ahead of Rooney, the gamble paid off and Scotty will be hoping to encroach on the top 30 in FPL Dugout’s league very soon!

Tim 46 V 73 BJW

An excellent week from BJW backing up his great 67 last week with a 73 this week, one of the Champions League dropouts has put down a marker in this tournament and Tim will have to produce something special to overturn this one.

Lundi 51 V 75 Mesh(y)

The last of the Champions League dropout ties is another tie with a 20 point+ margin. After a pair of 59’s Meshy upped his game and smashed an excellent 75. Another tie where the leader surely has the upper hand but anything can happen in fantasy football…

17-24 Bracket

Richard S 77 V 53 Shiva

Speaking of comebacks Shiva is back in the dugout after his latest release. 24 points the difference maybe too much for the gallant underdog, surely Richard S won’t fail with that lead?

Alex 57 V 79  Tom B

Great week for Tom B as he hits the highest FPL score in the American Cup this week, well done Tom! Let’s hope for him he hasn’t peaked too early but a lead of 22 should be enough, He won’t be fooling Alex the Kidd.

Mrs Potato Head 57 V 67 Aaron

The chips are down in this one but surely a recoverable lead for the spud. Better form from the spud but there will be no one wanting to win more than Aaron. This one could go to extra time!

Chen 66 V 61 Sleno

The joint tightest fixture of the lot in the American Cup here with a difference of just 5 points, transfer policy could be crucial here or a last minute goal could just swing the tie one way or another.

25-32 Bracket

Siamrit Wongvichit 32 V 73 Bryan

Siamrit was put to the sword in the first leg with a massive 41 point defeat, I’ll be incredibly surprised if he can pull this one back and with the lack of fixtures would expect an innings defeat and he must surely be one of the favourites for the FPL American Cup wooden spoon.

Marco Del Wattsio 63 V 46 Tom Howells

Well what can I say, thank you Kieron Gibbs for being tired, must be a hard life playing 2 games of footie a week, still it was too much for you so I got super sub Rob Huth off my bench for a 9 point haul. Gives me a slight edge in the return leg but after chucking away a 24 point lead last tie I’m not counting my chickens!

Peter Gabor 42 V 37 Beat the Losers

The second joint tightest fixture of the lot with the same 5 point gap. Another tie where a transfer or bonus points will make the difference and could see the first win for our female entrant!

Cooky 75 V 38 19 Times Winner

Another tie that looks dead and buried as another FPL Dugout regular looks to get their finger out and move off the bottom group, with a 37 point lead progression should all be assured. If it was a boxing match, the ref would of stopped it by now!!!

As always good luck to all participants, there are testing times ahead but if you can hold your nerve for another 5 gameweeks glory could be yours!! (Or for the 30 of us that don’t win the CL or wooden spoon some form of consolation!


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Sunderland v Wolves
Swansea v Blackburn
West Brom v QPR
Man Utd v Aston Villa
Arsenal v Wigan